Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Giving in to the thoughts in my head.

So recently I've been thinking about what has is good value for points that I know of. Saint Celestine is one good example of this. I therefore propose to take her. Here is a list I have spent this evening thinking about (although its been in my head for weeks)

Nuns With Guns

Saint Celestine 115 points

Battle Sister Squad x10, 1 Meltagun 135 points

Battle Sister Squadx10, 1 Meltagun 135 points

Company Command Squad, Kell, Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 160 points

Platoon Command Squad, Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 55 Points

Squad A Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad B Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad C Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad D Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 75 Points

Mortar Team 60 Points

Autocannon Team 75 Points (freaking cheap!)

Lascannon Team 105 Points

Storm Troopers x8, Double Plasma Guns, Plasma Pistol, 168

Manticore 160

So this is the list I will be maybe trying out to see how saint Celestine works. Thou its a lot of proxy, and I feel bad. I may just stick to my normal list until I have least bought all the guard bits! But I think it has a lot of potential. You basically shove Celestine down their flank/throat, and then if they don’t shoot her she gets to hit something. If they do, then the rest of your army (including a shiny new manticore! – may have to get me one of these) blow the living hell out of them.

Not even a little subtle, and it may not work long run, but I have 2 meltaguns, 9 plasma weapons, 6 Lasscannons, 6 Autocannons, and 89 models 80 of which score. Even Dan might not table that (although I'm not certain).

Friday, 17 August 2012

Cutting open a Grey Knight

So. After an eventful day at work on Wednesday that included sexual harassment training, I rolled over to Games Workshop to play jo and his 6 model army.

For those not aware, this army has two Paladins, Draigo and two Dreadknights that both have teleport homers. Oh and a Fortress of Redemption. Yeah. My army on the other hand had over 100 gaurdsmen with a lot of plasma and melta, 3 mortars (yeah!) and 6 lascannons backed up by 6 autocannons. A 700point troops choice. Also I had ratlings, penal legion and a couple of squads of storm troopers to help max out on the heavy weapons.

We play the Relic, with standard deployment. Jo won and put his fortress down next to... the fortress of redemption that was on the board. Hmmm. The paladins and draigo manned his fortress, whilst the two flying Dreadknights stood on the battlements of the other one ready to wiz onto the objective in his first turn. I blanketed my deployment zone (literally) with all sorts of stuff, infiltrated the ratlings and outflanked a squad of storm troopers who had meltaguns. (and completely forgot about the penal legion until like, turn 4?)

I didn’t seize, and jo teleported in, took the relic with one and stood in front of the first one with the second one. He shot me up good, but didn’t take down any complete unit, meaning that he didn’t get first blood. Admittedly this could be because its hard to tell where units end and begin, but the ones he shot up either held or rallied. And crucially, he didn’t run with the relic holding dreadknight because he thought it was 6inch per turn, where as it is actually 6 inch per phase.

I then killed the dreadknight that was holding the relic. Sounds easy I know, but I did basically shoot my whole army (which is just a gun line) at this one guy. So he should have died lol. (first blood!)Next turn, he picked up the relic with the other dreadknight, and shot me some more, and ran with it to take it back towards his double fortress. I then shot off this dreadknight. Two in two turns. Highlight of the match occurred for me at this point, as I killed it with ratlings (took its final wound off).

The rest of the game revolved around a mad rush for me towards the objective,(including with the mortar team, who did die on the way) and jo’s three men and double fortresses trying to shoot me off. Turns out buildings are spectacularly hard to kill, especially multipart ones. I didn’t kill either, but did manage to get both paladins. Leaving draigo alive in a silo and actually in combat with him... err I won with linebreaker, first blood and holding onto the relic. Jo got kill the warlord.

I could tell that this army isn’t that fun to play against, partly because its hard to tell what has shot. I think I am going to have to come up with an easy to understand way of representing whos’ shot (possibly turning them the wrong way round). All in all, doubling the amount of heavy weaponary I have (and not playing dan) improved the result drastically. Plus, scattering the lascannons and autcannons into squads as well as having heavy weapons platoons of each meant they couldn’t all be so quickly picked off, because I will admit, having 3 lascannons hanging out together is pretty much always the first target.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Boldly Going to the Next Level

With the advent of 6th, many people will have looked at their armies, and said. Man that (outflanking guard army) doesn’t work anymore. I’d better get re-arranging my plastic crack!

May I present, the newly promoted Wesley Crusher:

Upgraded to platoon Sergeant, this plot hero now sports a plasma pistol, and a lightsaber. Which, since the codex says “power weapon” will count as a power axe, as he will be striking after space marines anyway, and they are his main target. At least to begin with, we will have to see how it goes. In other news, I am getting back in the saddle and playing some games tomorrow, against Dark Eldar and some form of Dark Angels. I think Ian said Deathwing. Eurgh.

I have also spent the last couple of weeks painting up some heavy weapons bases. My army consists of a lot of pinning weaponry, and the ability to blast snipe. So there are at least some of the mortars I intend to use. The heavy weapons base is great because if you have spare bases you can get 9 heavy weapons out of one box. 3 missile launchers, and either use the mortar stands for mortars or for one of the other weapons. So long as you have some spare guys lying around, you should have enough bodies for the missiles, and from there its a dream! Anyways, pics below - quite pleased with the freehand on the lascannons:

Monday, 16 July 2012

Trying to break 6th edition....

A conundrum!

So, being sick has given me more time to read the 6th edition rulebook. I am 60% sure this is right, so I thought I would put it to the general test. So here goes.

Turning to page 79 of the 40k 6th edition rulebook, we find the rules for disembarkation. Now, as is reasonable and linked in from 4th and 5th edition, there can be no rhino rush disembarks. However, what is a subtle change is that if you disembark from a vehicle, you cant assault. Even if the veichle hasn’t moved. “After disembarking, models can shoot, cointing as having moved, or choose to run in their subsequent shooting phase, but cannot declare a charge in their subsequent assault phase”

This all makes sense. But however what happens if you wreck/ explode the transport vehicle? Does this mean that in their subsequent assault phase they count as having moved? Because if you turn to page 80, then models have to immediately disembark in “the usual manner” which would mean that in their “subsequent assault phase” (their next turn) they couldn’t assault. Nor could they move, as they would have counted as moving. Basically, do you get two bites of the cherry to shoot the unit? (your turn when you blow the tank up, then they can’t move in their turn, then again in your turn.)

Dont get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that this contravenes the don’t be a dick rule that applies to all aspects of the hobby, but rules as written all for a slight manipulation on this... it is implied that they are almost pinned without even failing their pinning test. Or am I just pushing the rules beyond their limits?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Not This Kind of Snapshot

So, 6th edition 4 games in.

My first thoughts include... you can’t assault out on an enclosed vehicle, even if its remained still. Don’t know if I like that. Since fourth there seems to be a progressive nerfing of transports.

No assaulting from reserve. Booooooooooo. Coupled with no more than half you army in reserve this is a complete shutdown of my imperial guard rebel alliance. It would not work. I have tried it out yet, but I am not hopeful. No more outflank shenanigans. I have heard some thoughts from others that they are pleased with because it stops Shrike armies. But to be honest, I think that being able to react to that kind of army is a skill. The rules weren’t broken here, but they have been fixed. If you are going to get outflanked by genestealers, then either don’t deploy near the edge, or make them kill what you want them to kill. Then shoot the life out of them. There is 50% less tactics in this area now unfortunately. I can now not do something with one of the most charecterful units in the space wolf codex that I have been doing since 3rd edition. People just wont take them, they aren’t scary anymore

AP values on CC weapons, I like.

Buildings are big castles. Great if they have battlements. I think that this will do exactly what GW wants it to, and that is sell more bastions, fortresses of redemption etc. They can be a real game changer.

Guard Rock. My 500 point list has over the course of 3 games been magnificent. 55 points for 10 men with a mortar? Yes please. Footgaurd are my new fav thing. Orders completely cover me for the Flyers snapshot issue, I will just twin link those Lasscannons.....

The allies section is very cool. I think that Tyranids should have been able to desperate ally with Guard, to represent stealer cults. Other than that, it could lead to a big dusting off of models, but with a lot of cherry picking.

I freaking love overwatch... I snapshot with a Krak missile and downed a Dark Eldar Cronos on its last wound the other day. Very cinematic.

I am loving the precision shots rule. And because of this, will be splashing eldar rangers. With a Faseer for psychic D-Fence.

Think that about covers it for now, thanks for sharing! Luke

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Something New Today

My New Project.

Sooooooo. In case you have been living in a fantasy shaped (or LOTR shaped – lol as if) hole for the last 2 years, you will be aware that 6th edition us upon us this weekend. To celebrate, my local store is opening at midnight, and running a tourney from next week.

Here is one of my army lists

Farseer, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Guide, Doom. 135 Points

Dire Avengers (6) Exarch With Bladestorm, Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannons 199 Points

Guardians (10) Shuriken Cannon 85 Points

Fire Dragons (5) 80 Points

499 Points

So, Eldar? Oooo Scary. I fancy a change, and have been playing High Elves. I'm thinking I might try this list, see how it plays. The Dire Avengers drive by with Farseer to guide/doom combo to hopefully maul of a unit in one turn with Bladestorm. I think I would fall down against horde armies, and maybe box armies. The problem is that I only have short range anti tank. Also, Runes Of warding (take psychic tests on 3D6) I'm hoping will be very broken in this edition!

The Guardians hold the home objective, plus being able wander forwards with the platform. I'm thinking that if 6th turns out the way I think I will, then I'm going to need snipers. Lots of Rangers. Would I buy a bastion for a silly cover save? Maybe. Maybe. I might even make a bastion with a similar footprint to look like Eldar Webway Portals.

So, What do people think? Will this list work at 500 points? Should I just take space marines to learn the new edition?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Blog Wars Three Round Up

WARNING... this is going be a long, and texty post.

So, Me, Pete, Dan and Ian went to Blog wars 3 today. Awesome tourney, I think I actually preferred it to throne of skulls. The guys at Malestrom were excellent, and Alex Brown who runs From the Fang was a great host/organiser. Kudos to him. Check out his blog, for everything, ever.

The Games, in Summary. So, of the four of us, I placed last. Good stuff. I finished 20th out of 26th, with loss, draw and draw for 28 points. Pete got Loss, Win, Loss for 30 points (I think) Dan came 5th with Loss, Win, Win and the Mr Ian King placed 6th with Win, Loss, and Win, only three Game points behind Ian. Pete faced big bugs twice and got a bit frustrated, Dan got run over by the defending champion on the way to his victory, and Ian continues to punch very hard, and very fast at tourneys.

My Day.

First Game, I faced James from Sheep of war. An excellent opponent, he had a Jokaero themed list, with purifiers. Despite the fact that it was completely monkeys, he had a pretty hardcore list with three psyfldreads, Coteaz and lots of rending Lasscannons. I ended up going down 9 – 11 bottom of turn 7. I was winning bottom of turn 5, and drawing bottom of 6 I think. Highlight for me was charging Luke Skywalker into Coteaz, chopping his head off with a lightsaber and eating a Deamonhammer. Only to get back up in my go.

So I strolled back to where I belonged, in the bottom half. Game 2 saw me face a really cool guy (who I am really sorry but can’t remember his name! It may have been James I think) they were very pretty Tyranids. Lots of BIG bugs, including two Trygons, Swarmlord, Two Tervigons and 4 Hivegaurd. Highlight would have been blowing away two Trygons with the right amount of shooting. Yes, it was a lot of plasma and Lasscannon, but it was nice that it works! I should have lost this game. I know this feeling so well from the other side, you are all over your opponent, then they just realise that actually they can still get something out of the game. About my turn 4 (of 7) I realised that a draw was the best I could probly get. Whilst I was winning on 1 table quarter bottom of turn 5 (love love love going second with this list!) it ended in a draw, and after a couple of crucial roles I was able to get a draw. Which was very hard earned, and in some respects felt like a win. Total respect for the guy I played, he was brilliant with everything and I couldn’t fault him.

My Third game saw me jazz dance one table down despite my draw to 10 of 13. This time I faced a chap who I believe may have been called Scott, friends with Alex. His painting was simply beastly, total respect to him for that. He had three Predators, Mephiston (my auto loose choice) and land raider (can’t hurt those) and some other mech MSU stuff. He was I think, expecting me to outflank, but I don’t think he was expecting me to spend literally every turn chasing his predators around his back field. What units did I use for this you ask?

On their last outing for a while, I used Penal Legion. 240 points of Wesley Crusher, Starbuck and Daniel Jackson kept 540 points of Blood Angels Tanks occupied for 6 turns. Two squads with fleet, furious charge and counter attack plus Wesley rending for fun killed one and stopped the other two shooting for at 70% of the game. Brilliant. I have to say, he is the nicest opponent I have played probably all year. As for the result, it ended in a draw, but I think that is slightly because every single one of my units punched well above their weight. That is the stuff that dreams are made of.

So I ended with 28 points, in 20th place. Not too shabby. I wasn’t last, I didn’t win but I had loads of fun and really enjoyed a day out with guys. Congrats to the defending champ, the steamroller with nothing but a kill setting... Atreides from SoS! Are we going next time? If Alex will have us, hell yes.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Blog Wars 3 Build Up

So, time for a round up of my army when it comes to the hottest tournament this side of Adepticon (at least geographically.) is the site, and Alex is actually appealing for an extra participant as we speak! get in there!

My Army is Imperial Guard, based largely around the rebel alliance. There are xwings, Luke Skywalker, and my newly converted Chimera. Whilst I don’t intend to give away the secrets (the army is so fluffy if you blow on it, it will fall over so I need all the help I can get!) suffice to say that my main tactic is to run at the enemy and hope for the best. Try and destroy the metal boxes, and then charge. (With guardsmen? – wow) I'm simply trying to save the galaxy from the empire, one glorious death at a time.

My special character will be Yarrick, as both he and Luke Skywalker lost a hand at one point, they both have that insane wish not to die, and are both balls cool as hell. (not sure that last bit counts as a sentence). In all honesty, this army does not work at 1750, unless I bought 3 hydras. but they are more money than I have. so I haven’t bought them. Its much better at 1500. I spent the extra 250 points on a command squad, I mean come on!

Pictures! Each one of these counts as 1000 words....

Basically, the chimera top front half is replace with the top front bit of a Land Raider. I wanted a chimera, was not prepared to pay forge world prices, but needed it to look cool as. The multilaser on the front is actually magnetised, (huzzah!) to allow me to weapon swap if I feel the need. I also painted some Matrix script on the back, since this will be carrying the Morpheous and Friends. Just remember to take the right coloured pill....

What are my hopes for Blog Wars 3? I would like to win at least one game on Saturday, maybe even two? Thou I feel that's probly very unlikely. In all honesty, my main objective is to march home with the best themed army. I think I'm going to be the only person with xwings. Which look even better in person. Though I have seen a cool army over at need more tanks that it some respects would be good to face, as he has the empire! See here for more info on his army:

Monday, 16 April 2012

New Citadel Paints In The Citadel Spray Gun

So last time I reviewed the new painting guide and added that I was going to be using the new paints in the old Citadel Spray Gun. Now the first thing I must say is that it is a spray gun NOT an airbrush, it is meant for the basecoating and mass washing of models. It is possible to get a fine line but not enough to give you the professional lines an airbrush can. (I am also not an expert with my airbrush!)

With my spray setup, I have a basic compressor (I know GW sells the cans of propellant and that is what they want you to use but they are crap, you WILL loose pressure and be annoyed. I invested in an adaptor I got online & it works wonderfully!), the Citadel Gun and a cord-covered air hose with water trap.

In the photo above is my kit with a premixed siphon loading jar and a Forge World Repressor on Tamiya's work turntable. You can see the water trap at the back of the hose, I would have preferred it to be further down the hose but as it happens, it counterbalances the paint jar nicely.

The next couple of photos are of the models undercoated and ready to spray. I've not shown the vehicles just the infantry.

The paint I'm going to be using is the new base colour, Screaming Bell. The mix went well following the instructions on the spray jar. However, with the first few squeezes of the trigger It took a while to get a nice even flow. Once it had started to spray well, the army took the entire pot of paint to cover. I'm sure I could have used less paint and still be happy but for what was left in the spray jar, it really wasn't worth it.

Some words of note:

The gun gives great coverage for the amount of paint put in and is fairly easy to use with a pinch of common sense. The downside is that the propellant cans are costly as you will loose pressure too soon into your spraying.

A few tips:
1. Make sure you have only loose paint in the jar. No hardened bits of paint from the rim.
2. Make sure the siphon tube is slightly curved and is facing the front of the gun.
3. Invest in a compressor. Mine was a full kit and came with the hose & water trap.
4. Take it apart properly and give it a proper clean. You will thank yourself next time you use it.

Next time I will be using a wash in the gun.........

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Citadel Painting Guide Review

Hello all.

So after a week with the new Citadel paints I'm sure we all have our own ideas and things to say on them but I wanted to talk about the new guide as I am a big believer in passing on knowledge.

To start with I was a bit sceptical having been through most guides and articles Games Workshop have produced over the past 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised by this incarnation, unlike previous versions it has been done by Golden Daemon winners & Studio staff, it has a built-in stand, easy to see pictures and text. It also has a DVD with audio book excerpts.

There are (in my opinion) problems/faults/missing things with this book. The segments covering putting models together are very vague. You could put this down to the fact that there are things that you can't teach in a book and must learn from experience. Take pinning for example, completely missed out of the book, is a big part in putting certain models together or even repairing them!
I also feel that they missed a trick in not making it a "living" painting guide with extra page holders/wallets to add-in the guides from White Dwarf.

I don't want to go in to the fact that the Marine Poster Boys are in little quantity for a change but I will say "Aurora??".

All in all I believe the guide is a great product and well worth the investment even if just for the DVD.
So I hope this helps? Later this week I will be testing how the new paints go through GWs Spray Gun.............Good Luck to me!

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Friday, 6 April 2012

The Truth, The Whole Truth & A Little Temptation

So the first truth is that I have been a little lax on posting on here, I oppologise for this and will try not to do it again.

The second is that Forge World have released an £80 flyer for Marines, which I love the look of and am thinking of using them to replace my Stormravens (unless the rumours of the fliers supplement is true)

The temptation is that I'm working on a side project from my Sisters of Battle (which are going very well and I am just waiting on a few of the new GW paints before I continue), I won't say what it is yet but I will say that getting the parts is testing my eBay-Fu haggling skills!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

We could talk about God, but i'd rather do this...

In other news, here is an army list I created whilst everybody else in the room was having a massive theological discussion about the trinity.

Company Commander. Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol, 4 Plasma Vets, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera with Extra Armour.

2 Priests

Platoon A

Platoon Command Squad With Lascannon

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Heavy Weapons Team 3 Lascannons

Heavy Weapons Team 3 Lascannons

Platoon B

Platoon Command Squad With Lascannon

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Squad with Officer (Power Weapon, Melta Bombs) and Commissar (Power Sword)

Heavy Weapons Team 3 Lascannons

Heavy Weapons Team 3 Lascannons

This army list clocks in right on the money and 1500.

The idea is that I have more Lasscannons that you have metal boxes. Coupled with the 60 stubborn, re-rolling to hit guardsmen with lots of power weapon attacks, this army intends to advance into the jaws of hell! The Company Commander also drives by and softens up units before attack with plasma gun goodness. I don’t care what the “meta” says, plasma guns are awesome. A perfect answer to terminators. I think that the main list I will fall down against is massive horde armies. I.e. lots of Orks or Nids. But since I play competitively not a lot (expect against Dan) I think I could be ok.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

More Fool You

So, the storm eagle. We’ve all seen the pictures.

I am not convinced that this is not a fake. When you look at its price.. £80 it seems a little cheap compared to the new predator they have just released. Also, it looks like a flying brick! Seriously, Therefore I am stating for the record, that whilst it would be ok, it looks terrible, and is also not a thunderhawk. I call FAKE.

I'm happy to be proved wrong, and eat my hat full of kippers. In some respects that's the beauty of the internet, you can say what every you like, and get away with it. unless you are the guy who tweeted about fabric muwamba.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"counts as"

So I am considering (heavily) spending more money on something I promised myself I wouldn’t. The Rebel Alliance. Considering the army already clocks in at almost £300, (the xwings are £50 each in case you are wondering!) I thought it prudent to move on. But since I don’t have a full army to take to blog wars instead, and I don’t want to take space wolves (I want to be different!) I'm considering finishing off the army in style.

The last 250 points did just have a Leman Russ shoved on the end to make u points, an as we discussed earlier, the chimera with Astropath could make things a whole heap better. So what could I use to represent the chimera? Well the most likely thing that I can think of that is star wars esq is this:

I think that it has potential. There is enough options to actually give it the weapons its supposed to have, so that's not an issue. It will be a bit small, but I don’t think that will be a problem, does anybody else? I mean the army is clearly not competitive.... I just don’t wanna spend that much to use it just in one tourney. Is that me being tight?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Blog, New Army!

Not been around for a while. Going from army to army & taking part in a couple of local tournaments.

So I have started a new blog dedicated to my new Sisters of Battle army. I will keep you updated on here as well as there. Follow me if you can!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Highlighting White.

How exactly do you highlight white? Let’s break that down a little. White is the existence of all colours on the colour spectrum. It is I suppose not a “colour” more an orgy of colours and light. Or something. Anyways, how do you “highlight” that? Surely making brighter something that is... brightness is a bit of a waste of time?

Yes. That's my opinion on the subject. But wait! Today’s post is on that. So how did I resolve this issue? Well, having talked to Jo (whilst on a bus) he said to use a 50/50 mix of skull white and space wolves grey. My concern was that I am trying to repaint the storm troopers ready for blog wars 3 as I really speed painted them beforehand. Their armour is completely white, and pretty blocky at that. That's basically how I've always painted white, to differing results. These guys did not look good.

What I eventually arrived at doing was washing them with badab black over the white and this evening I have worked up from that with a coat of space wolves grey/ skull white and then a coat of thinish skull white for highlighting. Dont get me wrong, I don’t think I will win a painting comp with them, but they look a darn sight better and I'm really happy. I've got some fairly grainy pics below:

These are basically of the sergeants from both squads. One of which has been done, (1st pic) and the other hasn’t (2nd pic). The wash and following layers, though you can’t see it from the pictures that clearly have really added that definition that I was craving and I'm really pleased with the outcome for amount of effort I've put in. It only took me about 90 mins for the first 8, which for me is fast!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Blog War 3

Blog Wars 3 So. The Dream Team that is Me, Pete, Dan and Ian (I like to think of us as Luke Fogg and The Shadows) are booked into Blog Wars 3. I'm quite excited, because I wanted to go last year, but was really not quick enough to the drop. So here we all are. My List is going to be Project Far Far Away, (partly because I cant be bothered to rush out 1500 points of howling griffons in two months) and partly because they look awesome. I've already started on improving the paint jobs, because I really rushed the storm troopers in the closing stages.

Here’s the Original List:


4 Squads of Penal Legion

2 Squads of Vets

2 Vendettas

1 Valkyrie

2 Squads of Storm Troopers

1 Leman Russ

I'm thinking about dropping the Leman Russ. My concerns stem from it does not fit in with the character of the rest of the army, and also it doesn’t look like it’s from star wars at all. Id probly replace it with a command squad with Astropath and lots of plasma in a chimera, and another Chimera for the second squad of Storm Troopers. This means I get the drop earlier (turn two with everything) as opposed to relying on luck to score what I want, where I want.

My issue with that is that I may start using my one nemesis. Tactics. This one word cripples me when it comes to wargames. Playing with what is pretty much a full outflank army nerfs that completely, as I just place them where the dice tells me works both with and against me. Regardless, I'm not going to get any games in this week as I have to work a late shift in Christian bookshop land. Just theoretical. Not yet practical.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Battle reports

Its half one in the morning, I have work in 8 hours. So now is the perfect time for a blog. I played two games today, and won both. The list I have has this in: Lysander 5 TH/SS terminators 5 legion of the damned, Multimelta + power fist 2 full strength tactical squads with flamer and missile launcher (which both completely sucked in both games, they killed more using the rockets as a hammer) Ironclad in a drop pod with heavy flamer and Meltagun 3 thunder fire cannons.
One against a fairly nice grey knight list (no vindicares, no paladins, no dragio, but there was a storm raven) it was against a guy called bobby, I've never played him before and actually it was a blast. I won bottom of turn 5 because he couldn’t get my objective. The main highlight was ambushing Crowe with the legion of the damned as he didn’t realise they are invulnerable, and then using the remaining 4 to hold a grey knight squad up the whole game. The second game was against Dan. If you read this from the Leicester store, its the Dan that never ever loses. I won! Second time I've ever beaten him! Kinda got my Meltagun and Multimelta mixed up. But It didn’t matter because I whiffed with the shot anyways. We played kill points, with dawn of war. I got 8 of a possible 10, he got Lysander, a tactical squad and my terminators. His army was pure Slanesh Fluff, really nicely painted possessed led by Lucius, squads of 6 marines, a squad of raptors, sonic weapons and some terminators. He ran most of his army down my throat. I stopped him. That was basically the whole game. The army I really like. Its built around having three thunderfire cannons, thou I don’t really consider it competitive. I took one rhino out across both games with shooting. I need more Lasscannons! Dan said to drop the dreadnought and legion of the damned, filling it up with more marines and lascannons etc. I'm tempted to do this, but I actually have what you could call a bit of weakness for legion of the damned I think. Yes they are really not competitive, but the fluff is awesome. So I might drop the dreadnought and see how it goes.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Little Plastic Crack

So. Here are some photos. Im very pleased with this squad. Think I'm gonna stick with howling griffons for the time being, I mean they are red and yellow! Not that im getting any games in at all at the moment, So this squad is nearly done, just got some work to do on the backpacks. But you know how it is, ever time i sit down to paint, something turns up! We are getting there, but slowly.
I also painted the nosecone on this baby. Getting that pic up on BOLS made me take them out he case, and boy oh boy did I speed paint them towards the end. Ergo, these definatley need more work. Hopefully, that is the start of this.
Finally, tomorrow is the offical 25th aniversary of my favourite pastime. So i will be outside GW nice and early, to buy one of the 16 limited ed models that GW leicester has. As well as a lot of other stuff!Havent decided if I'm gonna take him out the box and love him with paint, or lvoe him on the shelf. (think I may only be allowed one!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Star Wars Pics

Well, that pic i sent Bell of lost souls got posted way sooner that i thought (ie 24 hours). so here is a few more pics and some old ones at the top of the blog so you havent got to scroll down :)
Personal Acheivement unlocked - get models in local store's cabinet (where they still are lol)
The duel - the reason that luke is named is that every single model (80+) is named. so there are battlestar galatica squad, star trek squad etc etc.
Star trek squad - Wesley Crusher and the Crushettes. (Wesley is hard as nails)
Outflank! i lost this game....
This was Jo's Models in the best army nomination cabinet
Humming ride of the valkyries (i also lost this game)
Transformers Squad
Darth in the Cabinet
The Whole Army

The Empire of the Imperium

So, after Luke informed me of the photo on BoLS, I realised that there aren't many WIP pics of my Star Wars Army. So.........

Also some shots of the finished bits. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012


So. i admit that the other day I may have posted about howling griffons. ive provided a picture for your viewing pleasure (i know that they dont have back packs)
My issue is, i was talking to jo and kinda came across the idea that actually my howling griffons army list is so simliar to my current salamanders i could just save time, and more importantly money by expanding them out ot how i liked. What does everybody think? I feel like im suddenly waking up to find that GW has been screwing me over and i dont need a new colour of superhuman warrior. especially when i already have a vanilla flavour sitting on the shelf with thier tasty lava based goodness.. Obvioulsy i would go back over them and touch them up, they are the first batch of warrior i painted in my "grown up" phase, where i learned what a basecoat and ink was. they have a lot of detail already, but i just want the to look super you know? Is this over a wise and vaild tactic, since it will allow me build up a larger collection of green plastic crack?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Howling Griffons

Suprise! a post. I dont think that tonight i will stay up and watch the superbowl, but this is what i am currently working on. howling griffons! whoop whoop. i bought the blood angels codex, and whilst i love the fluff and would love a DOA army, i am currently considering a spud cannon army out of the normal marine codex. with lysander, three thunderfires and some TH/SS terminators.
in other news, i finished this book. its pretty awesome, i would recomend it. even though its written by gav thorpe. i would suspect that it is all we will see of the raven gaurd in the main story line at least, as (without giving away anything) most ofthe loose ends in the book are tied up rather nicely. in my next post i will try and put up some howling griffons pics. i think they look very very pretty.