Thursday, 15 March 2012

Highlighting White.

How exactly do you highlight white? Let’s break that down a little. White is the existence of all colours on the colour spectrum. It is I suppose not a “colour” more an orgy of colours and light. Or something. Anyways, how do you “highlight” that? Surely making brighter something that is... brightness is a bit of a waste of time?

Yes. That's my opinion on the subject. But wait! Today’s post is on that. So how did I resolve this issue? Well, having talked to Jo (whilst on a bus) he said to use a 50/50 mix of skull white and space wolves grey. My concern was that I am trying to repaint the storm troopers ready for blog wars 3 as I really speed painted them beforehand. Their armour is completely white, and pretty blocky at that. That's basically how I've always painted white, to differing results. These guys did not look good.

What I eventually arrived at doing was washing them with badab black over the white and this evening I have worked up from that with a coat of space wolves grey/ skull white and then a coat of thinish skull white for highlighting. Dont get me wrong, I don’t think I will win a painting comp with them, but they look a darn sight better and I'm really happy. I've got some fairly grainy pics below:

These are basically of the sergeants from both squads. One of which has been done, (1st pic) and the other hasn’t (2nd pic). The wash and following layers, though you can’t see it from the pictures that clearly have really added that definition that I was craving and I'm really pleased with the outcome for amount of effort I've put in. It only took me about 90 mins for the first 8, which for me is fast!

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