Friday, 24 February 2012

Little Plastic Crack

So. Here are some photos. Im very pleased with this squad. Think I'm gonna stick with howling griffons for the time being, I mean they are red and yellow! Not that im getting any games in at all at the moment, So this squad is nearly done, just got some work to do on the backpacks. But you know how it is, ever time i sit down to paint, something turns up! We are getting there, but slowly.
I also painted the nosecone on this baby. Getting that pic up on BOLS made me take them out he case, and boy oh boy did I speed paint them towards the end. Ergo, these definatley need more work. Hopefully, that is the start of this.
Finally, tomorrow is the offical 25th aniversary of my favourite pastime. So i will be outside GW nice and early, to buy one of the 16 limited ed models that GW leicester has. As well as a lot of other stuff!Havent decided if I'm gonna take him out the box and love him with paint, or lvoe him on the shelf. (think I may only be allowed one!)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Star Wars Pics

Well, that pic i sent Bell of lost souls got posted way sooner that i thought (ie 24 hours). so here is a few more pics and some old ones at the top of the blog so you havent got to scroll down :)
Personal Acheivement unlocked - get models in local store's cabinet (where they still are lol)
The duel - the reason that luke is named is that every single model (80+) is named. so there are battlestar galatica squad, star trek squad etc etc.
Star trek squad - Wesley Crusher and the Crushettes. (Wesley is hard as nails)
Outflank! i lost this game....
This was Jo's Models in the best army nomination cabinet
Humming ride of the valkyries (i also lost this game)
Transformers Squad
Darth in the Cabinet
The Whole Army

The Empire of the Imperium

So, after Luke informed me of the photo on BoLS, I realised that there aren't many WIP pics of my Star Wars Army. So.........

Also some shots of the finished bits. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012


So. i admit that the other day I may have posted about howling griffons. ive provided a picture for your viewing pleasure (i know that they dont have back packs)
My issue is, i was talking to jo and kinda came across the idea that actually my howling griffons army list is so simliar to my current salamanders i could just save time, and more importantly money by expanding them out ot how i liked. What does everybody think? I feel like im suddenly waking up to find that GW has been screwing me over and i dont need a new colour of superhuman warrior. especially when i already have a vanilla flavour sitting on the shelf with thier tasty lava based goodness.. Obvioulsy i would go back over them and touch them up, they are the first batch of warrior i painted in my "grown up" phase, where i learned what a basecoat and ink was. they have a lot of detail already, but i just want the to look super you know? Is this over a wise and vaild tactic, since it will allow me build up a larger collection of green plastic crack?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Howling Griffons

Suprise! a post. I dont think that tonight i will stay up and watch the superbowl, but this is what i am currently working on. howling griffons! whoop whoop. i bought the blood angels codex, and whilst i love the fluff and would love a DOA army, i am currently considering a spud cannon army out of the normal marine codex. with lysander, three thunderfires and some TH/SS terminators.
in other news, i finished this book. its pretty awesome, i would recomend it. even though its written by gav thorpe. i would suspect that it is all we will see of the raven gaurd in the main story line at least, as (without giving away anything) most ofthe loose ends in the book are tied up rather nicely. in my next post i will try and put up some howling griffons pics. i think they look very very pretty.