Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Star Wars Pics

Well, that pic i sent Bell of lost souls got posted way sooner that i thought (ie 24 hours). so here is a few more pics and some old ones at the top of the blog so you havent got to scroll down :)
Personal Acheivement unlocked - get models in local store's cabinet (where they still are lol)
The duel - the reason that luke is named is that every single model (80+) is named. so there are battlestar galatica squad, star trek squad etc etc.
Star trek squad - Wesley Crusher and the Crushettes. (Wesley is hard as nails)
Outflank! i lost this game....
This was Jo's Models in the best army nomination cabinet
Humming ride of the valkyries (i also lost this game)
Transformers Squad
Darth in the Cabinet
The Whole Army

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