Friday, 24 February 2012

Little Plastic Crack

So. Here are some photos. Im very pleased with this squad. Think I'm gonna stick with howling griffons for the time being, I mean they are red and yellow! Not that im getting any games in at all at the moment, So this squad is nearly done, just got some work to do on the backpacks. But you know how it is, ever time i sit down to paint, something turns up! We are getting there, but slowly.
I also painted the nosecone on this baby. Getting that pic up on BOLS made me take them out he case, and boy oh boy did I speed paint them towards the end. Ergo, these definatley need more work. Hopefully, that is the start of this.
Finally, tomorrow is the offical 25th aniversary of my favourite pastime. So i will be outside GW nice and early, to buy one of the 16 limited ed models that GW leicester has. As well as a lot of other stuff!Havent decided if I'm gonna take him out the box and love him with paint, or lvoe him on the shelf. (think I may only be allowed one!)

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