Saturday, 31 March 2012

More Fool You

So, the storm eagle. We’ve all seen the pictures.

I am not convinced that this is not a fake. When you look at its price.. £80 it seems a little cheap compared to the new predator they have just released. Also, it looks like a flying brick! Seriously, Therefore I am stating for the record, that whilst it would be ok, it looks terrible, and is also not a thunderhawk. I call FAKE.

I'm happy to be proved wrong, and eat my hat full of kippers. In some respects that's the beauty of the internet, you can say what every you like, and get away with it. unless you are the guy who tweeted about fabric muwamba.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"counts as"

So I am considering (heavily) spending more money on something I promised myself I wouldn’t. The Rebel Alliance. Considering the army already clocks in at almost £300, (the xwings are £50 each in case you are wondering!) I thought it prudent to move on. But since I don’t have a full army to take to blog wars instead, and I don’t want to take space wolves (I want to be different!) I'm considering finishing off the army in style.

The last 250 points did just have a Leman Russ shoved on the end to make u points, an as we discussed earlier, the chimera with Astropath could make things a whole heap better. So what could I use to represent the chimera? Well the most likely thing that I can think of that is star wars esq is this:

I think that it has potential. There is enough options to actually give it the weapons its supposed to have, so that's not an issue. It will be a bit small, but I don’t think that will be a problem, does anybody else? I mean the army is clearly not competitive.... I just don’t wanna spend that much to use it just in one tourney. Is that me being tight?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Blog, New Army!

Not been around for a while. Going from army to army & taking part in a couple of local tournaments.

So I have started a new blog dedicated to my new Sisters of Battle army. I will keep you updated on here as well as there. Follow me if you can!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Highlighting White.

How exactly do you highlight white? Let’s break that down a little. White is the existence of all colours on the colour spectrum. It is I suppose not a “colour” more an orgy of colours and light. Or something. Anyways, how do you “highlight” that? Surely making brighter something that is... brightness is a bit of a waste of time?

Yes. That's my opinion on the subject. But wait! Today’s post is on that. So how did I resolve this issue? Well, having talked to Jo (whilst on a bus) he said to use a 50/50 mix of skull white and space wolves grey. My concern was that I am trying to repaint the storm troopers ready for blog wars 3 as I really speed painted them beforehand. Their armour is completely white, and pretty blocky at that. That's basically how I've always painted white, to differing results. These guys did not look good.

What I eventually arrived at doing was washing them with badab black over the white and this evening I have worked up from that with a coat of space wolves grey/ skull white and then a coat of thinish skull white for highlighting. Dont get me wrong, I don’t think I will win a painting comp with them, but they look a darn sight better and I'm really happy. I've got some fairly grainy pics below:

These are basically of the sergeants from both squads. One of which has been done, (1st pic) and the other hasn’t (2nd pic). The wash and following layers, though you can’t see it from the pictures that clearly have really added that definition that I was craving and I'm really pleased with the outcome for amount of effort I've put in. It only took me about 90 mins for the first 8, which for me is fast!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Blog War 3

Blog Wars 3 So. The Dream Team that is Me, Pete, Dan and Ian (I like to think of us as Luke Fogg and The Shadows) are booked into Blog Wars 3. I'm quite excited, because I wanted to go last year, but was really not quick enough to the drop. So here we all are. My List is going to be Project Far Far Away, (partly because I cant be bothered to rush out 1500 points of howling griffons in two months) and partly because they look awesome. I've already started on improving the paint jobs, because I really rushed the storm troopers in the closing stages.

Here’s the Original List:


4 Squads of Penal Legion

2 Squads of Vets

2 Vendettas

1 Valkyrie

2 Squads of Storm Troopers

1 Leman Russ

I'm thinking about dropping the Leman Russ. My concerns stem from it does not fit in with the character of the rest of the army, and also it doesn’t look like it’s from star wars at all. Id probly replace it with a command squad with Astropath and lots of plasma in a chimera, and another Chimera for the second squad of Storm Troopers. This means I get the drop earlier (turn two with everything) as opposed to relying on luck to score what I want, where I want.

My issue with that is that I may start using my one nemesis. Tactics. This one word cripples me when it comes to wargames. Playing with what is pretty much a full outflank army nerfs that completely, as I just place them where the dice tells me works both with and against me. Regardless, I'm not going to get any games in this week as I have to work a late shift in Christian bookshop land. Just theoretical. Not yet practical.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Battle reports

Its half one in the morning, I have work in 8 hours. So now is the perfect time for a blog. I played two games today, and won both. The list I have has this in: Lysander 5 TH/SS terminators 5 legion of the damned, Multimelta + power fist 2 full strength tactical squads with flamer and missile launcher (which both completely sucked in both games, they killed more using the rockets as a hammer) Ironclad in a drop pod with heavy flamer and Meltagun 3 thunder fire cannons.
One against a fairly nice grey knight list (no vindicares, no paladins, no dragio, but there was a storm raven) it was against a guy called bobby, I've never played him before and actually it was a blast. I won bottom of turn 5 because he couldn’t get my objective. The main highlight was ambushing Crowe with the legion of the damned as he didn’t realise they are invulnerable, and then using the remaining 4 to hold a grey knight squad up the whole game. The second game was against Dan. If you read this from the Leicester store, its the Dan that never ever loses. I won! Second time I've ever beaten him! Kinda got my Meltagun and Multimelta mixed up. But It didn’t matter because I whiffed with the shot anyways. We played kill points, with dawn of war. I got 8 of a possible 10, he got Lysander, a tactical squad and my terminators. His army was pure Slanesh Fluff, really nicely painted possessed led by Lucius, squads of 6 marines, a squad of raptors, sonic weapons and some terminators. He ran most of his army down my throat. I stopped him. That was basically the whole game. The army I really like. Its built around having three thunderfire cannons, thou I don’t really consider it competitive. I took one rhino out across both games with shooting. I need more Lasscannons! Dan said to drop the dreadnought and legion of the damned, filling it up with more marines and lascannons etc. I'm tempted to do this, but I actually have what you could call a bit of weakness for legion of the damned I think. Yes they are really not competitive, but the fluff is awesome. So I might drop the dreadnought and see how it goes.