Sunday, 5 February 2012

Howling Griffons

Suprise! a post. I dont think that tonight i will stay up and watch the superbowl, but this is what i am currently working on. howling griffons! whoop whoop. i bought the blood angels codex, and whilst i love the fluff and would love a DOA army, i am currently considering a spud cannon army out of the normal marine codex. with lysander, three thunderfires and some TH/SS terminators.
in other news, i finished this book. its pretty awesome, i would recomend it. even though its written by gav thorpe. i would suspect that it is all we will see of the raven gaurd in the main story line at least, as (without giving away anything) most ofthe loose ends in the book are tied up rather nicely. in my next post i will try and put up some howling griffons pics. i think they look very very pretty.

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