Monday, 16 July 2012

Trying to break 6th edition....

A conundrum!

So, being sick has given me more time to read the 6th edition rulebook. I am 60% sure this is right, so I thought I would put it to the general test. So here goes.

Turning to page 79 of the 40k 6th edition rulebook, we find the rules for disembarkation. Now, as is reasonable and linked in from 4th and 5th edition, there can be no rhino rush disembarks. However, what is a subtle change is that if you disembark from a vehicle, you cant assault. Even if the veichle hasn’t moved. “After disembarking, models can shoot, cointing as having moved, or choose to run in their subsequent shooting phase, but cannot declare a charge in their subsequent assault phase”

This all makes sense. But however what happens if you wreck/ explode the transport vehicle? Does this mean that in their subsequent assault phase they count as having moved? Because if you turn to page 80, then models have to immediately disembark in “the usual manner” which would mean that in their “subsequent assault phase” (their next turn) they couldn’t assault. Nor could they move, as they would have counted as moving. Basically, do you get two bites of the cherry to shoot the unit? (your turn when you blow the tank up, then they can’t move in their turn, then again in your turn.)

Dont get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that this contravenes the don’t be a dick rule that applies to all aspects of the hobby, but rules as written all for a slight manipulation on this... it is implied that they are almost pinned without even failing their pinning test. Or am I just pushing the rules beyond their limits?


  1. If it is wrecked i believe that you would be right as they have to disembark.

    However when it explodes they dont disembark they are just placed where the tank was and take a pinning check and explosive damage. This means that they can charge.

    Although the disembarkation restrictions are; "After disembarking.......but cannot assault in THEIR subsequent assault phase" This would mean that a wrecked vehicles passengers will be able to be shot! Exploded transports will leave them able to charge.

  2. Hope that you feel better!

    Yeah, I noticed that during my read-through, but I'm pretty sure that the intent and a FAQ result would be that the restriction would not apply if they were forced to disembark in the enemy turn.

  3. It's been awhile, but everyone I've discussed about 6th leads me to say that if you get blown out of the transport, you CAN charge.

    So lots of armies will roll up to the enemy and hope that they get blown out of their transports so they can get around this restriction (at least it's happened in countless games I've seen).