Saturday, 11 February 2012


So. i admit that the other day I may have posted about howling griffons. ive provided a picture for your viewing pleasure (i know that they dont have back packs)
My issue is, i was talking to jo and kinda came across the idea that actually my howling griffons army list is so simliar to my current salamanders i could just save time, and more importantly money by expanding them out ot how i liked. What does everybody think? I feel like im suddenly waking up to find that GW has been screwing me over and i dont need a new colour of superhuman warrior. especially when i already have a vanilla flavour sitting on the shelf with thier tasty lava based goodness.. Obvioulsy i would go back over them and touch them up, they are the first batch of warrior i painted in my "grown up" phase, where i learned what a basecoat and ink was. they have a lot of detail already, but i just want the to look super you know? Is this over a wise and vaild tactic, since it will allow me build up a larger collection of green plastic crack?

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