Monday, 16 April 2012

New Citadel Paints In The Citadel Spray Gun

So last time I reviewed the new painting guide and added that I was going to be using the new paints in the old Citadel Spray Gun. Now the first thing I must say is that it is a spray gun NOT an airbrush, it is meant for the basecoating and mass washing of models. It is possible to get a fine line but not enough to give you the professional lines an airbrush can. (I am also not an expert with my airbrush!)

With my spray setup, I have a basic compressor (I know GW sells the cans of propellant and that is what they want you to use but they are crap, you WILL loose pressure and be annoyed. I invested in an adaptor I got online & it works wonderfully!), the Citadel Gun and a cord-covered air hose with water trap.

In the photo above is my kit with a premixed siphon loading jar and a Forge World Repressor on Tamiya's work turntable. You can see the water trap at the back of the hose, I would have preferred it to be further down the hose but as it happens, it counterbalances the paint jar nicely.

The next couple of photos are of the models undercoated and ready to spray. I've not shown the vehicles just the infantry.

The paint I'm going to be using is the new base colour, Screaming Bell. The mix went well following the instructions on the spray jar. However, with the first few squeezes of the trigger It took a while to get a nice even flow. Once it had started to spray well, the army took the entire pot of paint to cover. I'm sure I could have used less paint and still be happy but for what was left in the spray jar, it really wasn't worth it.

Some words of note:

The gun gives great coverage for the amount of paint put in and is fairly easy to use with a pinch of common sense. The downside is that the propellant cans are costly as you will loose pressure too soon into your spraying.

A few tips:
1. Make sure you have only loose paint in the jar. No hardened bits of paint from the rim.
2. Make sure the siphon tube is slightly curved and is facing the front of the gun.
3. Invest in a compressor. Mine was a full kit and came with the hose & water trap.
4. Take it apart properly and give it a proper clean. You will thank yourself next time you use it.

Next time I will be using a wash in the gun.........

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  1. I'm curious where you ordered the adapter and compressor kit at? I have the citadel spray can and wanted to do the same as you did and the the adapter to it would be pretty ace. ^^

    1. The compressor kit is made by EXPO and came from ModelZone ( The adapter was from eBay (I think it was this one:
      It does make a big difference when spraying, hope that helps!

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