Monday, 12 March 2012

Blog War 3

Blog Wars 3 So. The Dream Team that is Me, Pete, Dan and Ian (I like to think of us as Luke Fogg and The Shadows) are booked into Blog Wars 3. I'm quite excited, because I wanted to go last year, but was really not quick enough to the drop. So here we all are. My List is going to be Project Far Far Away, (partly because I cant be bothered to rush out 1500 points of howling griffons in two months) and partly because they look awesome. I've already started on improving the paint jobs, because I really rushed the storm troopers in the closing stages.

Here’s the Original List:


4 Squads of Penal Legion

2 Squads of Vets

2 Vendettas

1 Valkyrie

2 Squads of Storm Troopers

1 Leman Russ

I'm thinking about dropping the Leman Russ. My concerns stem from it does not fit in with the character of the rest of the army, and also it doesn’t look like it’s from star wars at all. Id probly replace it with a command squad with Astropath and lots of plasma in a chimera, and another Chimera for the second squad of Storm Troopers. This means I get the drop earlier (turn two with everything) as opposed to relying on luck to score what I want, where I want.

My issue with that is that I may start using my one nemesis. Tactics. This one word cripples me when it comes to wargames. Playing with what is pretty much a full outflank army nerfs that completely, as I just place them where the dice tells me works both with and against me. Regardless, I'm not going to get any games in this week as I have to work a late shift in Christian bookshop land. Just theoretical. Not yet practical.

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