Sunday, 8 July 2012

Not This Kind of Snapshot

So, 6th edition 4 games in.

My first thoughts include... you can’t assault out on an enclosed vehicle, even if its remained still. Don’t know if I like that. Since fourth there seems to be a progressive nerfing of transports.

No assaulting from reserve. Booooooooooo. Coupled with no more than half you army in reserve this is a complete shutdown of my imperial guard rebel alliance. It would not work. I have tried it out yet, but I am not hopeful. No more outflank shenanigans. I have heard some thoughts from others that they are pleased with because it stops Shrike armies. But to be honest, I think that being able to react to that kind of army is a skill. The rules weren’t broken here, but they have been fixed. If you are going to get outflanked by genestealers, then either don’t deploy near the edge, or make them kill what you want them to kill. Then shoot the life out of them. There is 50% less tactics in this area now unfortunately. I can now not do something with one of the most charecterful units in the space wolf codex that I have been doing since 3rd edition. People just wont take them, they aren’t scary anymore

AP values on CC weapons, I like.

Buildings are big castles. Great if they have battlements. I think that this will do exactly what GW wants it to, and that is sell more bastions, fortresses of redemption etc. They can be a real game changer.

Guard Rock. My 500 point list has over the course of 3 games been magnificent. 55 points for 10 men with a mortar? Yes please. Footgaurd are my new fav thing. Orders completely cover me for the Flyers snapshot issue, I will just twin link those Lasscannons.....

The allies section is very cool. I think that Tyranids should have been able to desperate ally with Guard, to represent stealer cults. Other than that, it could lead to a big dusting off of models, but with a lot of cherry picking.

I freaking love overwatch... I snapshot with a Krak missile and downed a Dark Eldar Cronos on its last wound the other day. Very cinematic.

I am loving the precision shots rule. And because of this, will be splashing eldar rangers. With a Faseer for psychic D-Fence.

Think that about covers it for now, thanks for sharing! Luke


  1. That whole outflanking asasult thing is too far imo,

    sure, overwatch balances this nicely, adding this too.. your outflankers really are going to arrive, melta something then die..

    I take the entirety of the blame for the nerf, as i am working on a Bran redmaw outflanking army.



  2. Your Rebel Alliance army isnt Deaded, Aas its half your army excluding those things that have to reserve (like flyers). Guard AirCav is beyond wicked.

  3. My trusty all-scout Raven Guard army will be sitting this edition out though. No 1st turn charges. Ever. Even if being soooper-stealth sneaky! On the other hand bikes now get Hammer of Wrath. Come back Raven WING, all is forgiven

  4. @Karitis... I see! it is fast becoming my one regret that i didnt ever commit to a full 30 wolf scout army.

    @dextrous - i havent tried them out yet, gunline gaurd is becoming very appealing!

    @mantis warrior looking forwards to seeing those bikes!