Thursday, 1 March 2012

Battle reports

Its half one in the morning, I have work in 8 hours. So now is the perfect time for a blog. I played two games today, and won both. The list I have has this in: Lysander 5 TH/SS terminators 5 legion of the damned, Multimelta + power fist 2 full strength tactical squads with flamer and missile launcher (which both completely sucked in both games, they killed more using the rockets as a hammer) Ironclad in a drop pod with heavy flamer and Meltagun 3 thunder fire cannons.
One against a fairly nice grey knight list (no vindicares, no paladins, no dragio, but there was a storm raven) it was against a guy called bobby, I've never played him before and actually it was a blast. I won bottom of turn 5 because he couldn’t get my objective. The main highlight was ambushing Crowe with the legion of the damned as he didn’t realise they are invulnerable, and then using the remaining 4 to hold a grey knight squad up the whole game. The second game was against Dan. If you read this from the Leicester store, its the Dan that never ever loses. I won! Second time I've ever beaten him! Kinda got my Meltagun and Multimelta mixed up. But It didn’t matter because I whiffed with the shot anyways. We played kill points, with dawn of war. I got 8 of a possible 10, he got Lysander, a tactical squad and my terminators. His army was pure Slanesh Fluff, really nicely painted possessed led by Lucius, squads of 6 marines, a squad of raptors, sonic weapons and some terminators. He ran most of his army down my throat. I stopped him. That was basically the whole game. The army I really like. Its built around having three thunderfire cannons, thou I don’t really consider it competitive. I took one rhino out across both games with shooting. I need more Lasscannons! Dan said to drop the dreadnought and legion of the damned, filling it up with more marines and lascannons etc. I'm tempted to do this, but I actually have what you could call a bit of weakness for legion of the damned I think. Yes they are really not competitive, but the fluff is awesome. So I might drop the dreadnought and see how it goes.

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  1. awesome mate well done, no mean feat indeed! maybe replace Ironclad with a dread with twin las? that way you can keep a dread and get the more las you wanted?!? just a though