Tuesday, 1 February 2011


So, as you may have noticed there is a new member in the band. Stranded Ninja has joined me here at the slightly new looking blog. Together we’re intending to document our exploits towards the ToS 2011. I can honestly say that having somebody else on board is already helping me – I want to post, and to post I have to paint (atm anyways.) so I painted this week as opposed to playing guitar hero for several hours.

Today I have been mainly painting what I affectionately call my Thundercat. This thunderwolf cav model has a thunderhammer, so there is a lot of thunder involved. As you can see, he is nowhere near finished, but I'm about halfway through the second layer of highlighting on the armour. First highlight was probly 60/40 space wolf grey/ ferisian grey. This layer is pure space wolf grey. It worked really well on my original njall model, so I'm hoping for great things. The fur on these guys are my first real effort at green-stuffing, and looking at it now, its not amazing. Hopefully if I do more they will get better. Also, I always struggle with what colour to paint thunderhammers. I'm trying to go for stone, but I'm just not sure. Any ideas?

In other news, this week I have been reading my new white dwarf and have decided that actually stormravens could be cool for my grey knights. Now admittedly this is off the strength of a battle report where they show off the new toy, and of course it cant die... but I did not realise it had an assault ramp. I think its a fast skimmer, so 24’ plus dismount plus charge could be quite tasty for custodians. And I'm thinking penitent engines for dreadnoughts. Just for sheer awesomeness. I haven’t figured out the conversion yet, but it could be pretty cool. Or some really old school forge world dreads.

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