Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Charge Of The Not So Light Brigade

Finished! It’s only taken me, like forever to paint these dudes. The third guy I managed to nail in a week just abouts. He looks a lot better painted than not, I really didn’t like the model unpainted, but the paint job really adds to the whole model. I'm particularly pleased with how the power sword / frost blade has worked out. It’s just a simple bit of blending, and it’s got matt varnish on it. But I'm very happy with it. I would like to add more models to the squad, but as it is there is quite a lot do to just get these three models done.

Furthermore, all three models have lightning strikes on their left shoulder pad. I have decided, since I have a lightning bolt on the back of my left of left leg that this would be my great company marking. The last guy that I painted with the storm shield and frost is in theory my 260 point Wolf Lord of killy deathness. His right shoulder pad is plain red at the moment, and I have no idea what to put on it. I feel like he should have his own personal marking, but I'm not really very good at freehand at all.

In other news, DREAD KNIGHT?!? Seriously, that guy looks mental! And to cost around only 130points, (if you believe the rumours) for basic bad-assery leads me to think that maybe I should have one or two. But I would need them to fit into my theme of my custodians. I am a little bit meh about the fact that I was intended to ure penitent engines as custodian dreadnoughts, and very glad I didn’t already shell out for what essentially is a smaller dread knight. I think also that the paladin knights sound awesome from a rules perspective, multi-wound models with different weapons a feel no pain that have jump packs and a 30inch move sounds great! The possibility of making them scoring makes it even better.

The free teleport move works perfectly within the custodian fluff, if you read the first heretic they are always bouncing around via teleport technology, and that was 10,000 years ago, so I imagine they won’t haven’t lost that ability since they tend to hang out on Terra and near Mars a lot. April cannot come soon enough.

So, until next time (when I figure out what to paint as I have now run out of stuff) lightning slayer out.

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