Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My week in Warhammer

So, I’ve finished this guy. I wanted to finish him by Saturday, but that didn’t happen. Real life and all that. I decided that they should have a lightning strike on their left shoulder pad as the great company marking. Took me a couple of goes to get It right but I'm fairly happy with it. Next ive got my third and final thunderwolf to paint. Then I kind of run out of new interesting things to paint, but we shall see.

Thats probly 2 weeks away in all honesty, and by that poinr its only 4-5 weeks till grey knights come out! Woot. The thing that appeared on blood of kittens saying that they would have something similar to madiblasters seems pretty cool. I'm kinda currently considering phoenix gaurd cloaks for their robes. Jo suggested maybe phoniex gaurd heads minus the wings for helmets. Things are progressing in my mind......

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  1. Awesome! BTW, White Dwarf 374 says to keep an eye out for Aprils issue for GK news!