Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm a hobby magpie

Okay, so my last post was about themes and sticking to one.

What I didn't talk about was sticking to an army!

I got myself the new Blood Angels Stormraven and I must say that it is a fantastic kit. Yeah there are the obligatory problems but what GW kit doesn't!

Obviously I needed an amy to join it so have dug out my standard Marine army (you know the type of Marine army that is a successor army to every Chapter depending on which leader/codex I'm using!). Also, I get to add my cracking Furioso/Death Company Dreadnought conversion.....

.......I'm looking forward to trying the Stormraven out in a game soon.

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  1. lol the title of the post totally sounds like the start of a warhammer AA meeting....