Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tanks fr th Mmrs

So. Tanks. That isn’t a misspelling, although its a slight homage to a Fall Out Boy song. I just really wanted to see how many tanks I could fit into 1500 points of Imperial Guard. 8 is the answer on this occasion. More importantly 6 of these are Leman Russes. Considering the maximum you can fit in a force organisation chart is 9, I’m pleased with that although im sure you could fit a couple more in if you really went for it. As it is, this is a little bit more balanced for me.

Drive By Lightning and Fire

70 Psyker

150 Veterans, 2 Flamers, Chimera with Extra Armour
150 Veterans, 2 Flamers, Chimera with Extra Armour

Heavy Support

Squad Mortarion
165 Leman Russ Tank with Battlecannon and Lasscannon
245 Leman Russ Executioner With Lasscannon and Plasma Cannon Sponsons

Squad Alpharius
165 Leman Russ Tank with Battlecannon and Lasscannon
220 Leman Russ Demolisher with Lasscannon and Plasma Cannon Sponsons

Squad Curze
165 Leman Russ Tank with Battlecannon and Lasscannon
245 Leman Russ Vanquisher with Lasscannon

1500 Points

So, how does this army list work? Well. It shoots stuff. The plain Leman Russ tanks are there to take the hits in theory for the other ones. They are sprinkled around with the “rarer” variants to allow balance. Specifically, the Vanquisher pairs off with its partner and hunts armour. That’s why every tank has a hull mounted Lasscannon. Not the cheapest option, but it gives me 6 mobile Lasscannons. These two hang in the backfield slightly and just shoot stuff.

The executioner fulfils the anti infantry role and that pair works together to nail large mobs of Orks, or other things. This squad is paired with the Demolisher’s squad in an aggressive role, with Squad Alpharius being able to fulfil both anti infantry and anti tank roles, with none of the main guns lower than strength 9, and a pair of plasma cannon to boot. These four Tanks choose where they want to be and control that bit of the field.

The Chimera Veterans don’t get out. If they are out of their tanks, then they are probably dead. The only instance which comes to mind is when both squads plus the psyker get out and jump one squad, toasting it to death rather appropriately with Lightning and Fire. In the main, the chimeras will fit in behind the main body of the Alpharius and Mortarion, protecting them from infantry with heavy bolters and multi lasers.

Overall, I think that this would be a fun list to play. It wouldn’t necessarily win many games. Really you can choose to hang back and just blast away or really try and ram a lot of Armour 14 down your opponent’s throat. Av 14 is one of the major bonuses of this list, that coupled with a large amount of large blast templates. The main thing I can see as being a weakness is being outflanked or taken apart from the sides. This is why the chimeras nestle in behind, just near enough to react and shore up a flank. Only slightly behind them Curze picks of threats from afar. The easiest way to secure not being outflanked is to start on a flank. Deploying second and rolling up one side allows you to almost turn the battle into a lengthways engagement, something that would play right into my hands.

Next time: The Defence of Hades Hive

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