Thursday, 17 February 2011

Changed Again!

Okay, so I'm a magpie!

After getting a bit further though The First Heretic and hearing Lightning Slayer (LS) talk about Custodians, I thought I would have a dab at converting one. I had already said to LS about the parts I would use so it was just a case of putting it into practice.

I also quite like the idea of us both taking a Custodian army to the Throne of Skulls (ToS) but using different Codecies(sp?)


I picked up a box of Sanguinary Guard, Tactical Marines and High Elf Phoenix Guard & some brass rod.

After looking at the sprues, I knew where I was going and within 2 hours had this!

I have not yet done the green stuffing yet but all-in-all I am pretty happy! I think a squad of 10 would look awesome!!!

More conversions soon.......

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