Friday, 28 January 2011

Choosing Army Themes

And so onto the subject of themes.

Having a theme attatched to your army will help you bring your army together, be it, through it's colour scheme, it's design or it's background...

As this is part of my journey to the Throne of Skulls, here is my thought process:-

After deciding that I wanted to step away from a Space Marine army, I took a look at what else was available. In all my armies, I choose the race first and then what I want them to do.
As I have collected Eldar before, the Dark Eldar seemed fairly logical but with everybody starting some form of DE list, I left them by the way side.

Then I saw TRON! The bikes, simple colour scheme and conversion ideas flooded my mind and would not leave. So I started to convert some models without a race to tie me down.....

These models became far too expensive so I returned to the "race first" plan. After wrestling with my converting itch I decided it was between Necrons and Tau.

Now, Necrons are nice and easy to paint so the challenge there was to either convert them (thoughts of a Dr. Doom army crept in) or to paint them in a way that is not popular/common.
Tau however, have the whole Mecha thing and being a fan of manga was drawn closer to them....

So Tau it is! After reading the Codex, I have settled on an army led by Commander Farsight.

This is the first incarnation of the beast.........

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