Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Death Company Dreadnoughts Hurt

Last night I got tabled (or floored) by stranded ninja. Stupid fleeting dreadnought. I took my space wolves against his blood angels and lost. Horribly. I should of set up different, I should of done a lot of things.

Annihilation on a normal set up left me for some reason in the opposite corner and then my long fangs only got one round of shooting of the whole game. The things that went right where I managed to jump Mephiston with both my grey hunter squads, and my thunderwolves jumped a blood angels squad in the same turn. The only issue was that by then they were the only things left. And my wolf lord had no way of dealing with a death company dreadnought (I just had to sit there and take it)

In other news, I entered a bunch of models into the local GW painting competition. I entered my thunderwolves, a goliath ganger and a TH/SS salamander into the varying categories at GW Leicester. It doesn’t have a prize (I don’t think) nor do I think I will sweep the awards but I think that my thunderwolves may be the best in the cabinet (at the moment) even if they may not be at the weekend. Its really nice to see the local store connecting with its members and in a way that actually gets me involved. I never have time for vets night due to work, and don’t get down to the store much, but that got me to go in, which was cool.

I am now currently painting three special weapons space wolves, the points system on the side is really giving me motivation! Hopefully I can nail these guys in the next week, and then when I'm finished I might make a test custodian....

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