Wednesday 12 April 2017

Quadjumper Repaint Vlog - Darksun 45

via IFTTT A quick little vlog about my Quadjumper repaint. There's definitely something F.A.B. about this video, id really recommend sticking with it the whole way through. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think in the comments. Paint Chipping So, the basic idea is that once you've done a basecoat, you hairspray it to protect it. From there, you can scratch the additional layers off, to reveal back to whatever the metail of the ship you are painting. there are good and bad examples within this video. the contrast of grey to bone is a good example, the red is actually a bad example because ive gone deeper that the gray back to the original colour scheme. but i liked it, so i left it. basically its a quicker and clever way to add battle damage. What is the Thunderbirds? Check out this video, ( but bascially its a british puppet tv programme about a group of people that save the world over and over. Kind of superheroes, ina really old school, normal way. Think more Night Owl from the watchmen (abiet much more kitted out, trusted and capable). The Music is by a band called Hillsong United, its a track called Awakening from their album Aftermath