Friday 28 January 2011

Choosing Army Themes

And so onto the subject of themes.

Having a theme attatched to your army will help you bring your army together, be it, through it's colour scheme, it's design or it's background...

As this is part of my journey to the Throne of Skulls, here is my thought process:-

After deciding that I wanted to step away from a Space Marine army, I took a look at what else was available. In all my armies, I choose the race first and then what I want them to do.
As I have collected Eldar before, the Dark Eldar seemed fairly logical but with everybody starting some form of DE list, I left them by the way side.

Then I saw TRON! The bikes, simple colour scheme and conversion ideas flooded my mind and would not leave. So I started to convert some models without a race to tie me down.....

These models became far too expensive so I returned to the "race first" plan. After wrestling with my converting itch I decided it was between Necrons and Tau.

Now, Necrons are nice and easy to paint so the challenge there was to either convert them (thoughts of a Dr. Doom army crept in) or to paint them in a way that is not popular/common.
Tau however, have the whole Mecha thing and being a fan of manga was drawn closer to them....

So Tau it is! After reading the Codex, I have settled on an army led by Commander Farsight.

This is the first incarnation of the beast.........

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Traveling the Road

Well hello,

StrandedNinja here with his first post!

So, after our not so great but acceptable appearance at the Autumn Throne of Skulls Tournament (2010), it was obvious that we had had an awesome time and wanted more.....

......And so to now.

The decision to go to the 40k ToS was made fairly early and I began to think of the army I should take.

At first I thought of the obvious, Space Marines(They were my first love and will always hold a grip when I see them). Then came the choice of which Marine list, did I take the standard missile spam, or try for a different tactic?
That led me to Blood Angels and the possibility of a huge close combat Dreadnought army. Then Space Wolves for their Thunderwolves..... You can see where this was going.

I then began to think of themes but I will explain my choices in my next post.......

Monday 24 January 2011

A Few Shots

This model is currently my thunderwolf cavalry lord. He rocks in at around 260 points and often does half the work of the whole army. Although in the last game only killed a squad of fire warriors! I didn’t put this guy together but really enjoyed painting him. I tried to go for at least two levels of highlighting all over really, to give the proper effect. The only model I’ve swung it on so far is my metal Najal, but it looks awesome. If I don’t take Adeptus Custodes as proxy Grey Knights then I will be taking these guys. Yes I know they are space marines riding wolves, but they are freaking awesome! Plus I justified in selling out a little as I still have my original 3rd Edition Space Wolf Codex, which I have taken to several tournaments over the years.

This lady was painted merely for an exercise in painting. I wanted to see how good I do her and bunch of other Necromunda models. They were done for the highlighting, and to a lesser extent inking. Im quite please with the way the white and blue complement each other in this model, I know shes not based but I don’t really care about that at this point. This bunch of models are often the ones that are on disply on my bookshelf because they are easy to show people and they are quite well painted, some of the best I have!

To finish here is a Grey Knights list. I intend to take them to the Tourney at Warhammer world this year as previously mentioned, so im starting to get my head back into them. This list is really not competitive, just something I threw together whilst watching glee. I don’t overly do mathhammer or anything like that, I just pic what I like and then learn from how badly I get my ass handed to me.

141 – Brother Captain Stern
71 – Inquistor with Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol and Power Armour
120 – Callidus Assassin
224 – Grey Knight Terminators. Brother Captain plus 3 guys, 1 Psycannon.
250 – Grey Knight Squad – Justicar plus 9 men, 1 Psycannon
250 – Grey Knight Squad – Justicar plus 9 men, 1 Psycannon
145 – Dreadnought with Hunter killer, Extra Armour, Autocannon and Missile Launcher.
150 – Dradnought with Hunter killer, Extra Armour, Lasscannon
140 – Dreadnought with Hunter Killer, Extra Armour, Plasma Cannon

There is a lot wrong with this list. Hunter killer missiles? 27 models and 3 Dreadnoughts? 2 weapons above Strength 7? Taking a pure Grey Kinghts army?
Well, don’t get me wrong, these are all very valid. I just don’t care. I like the idea of a small force just swinging in.

How would I play it? The only way I can. This army does not do well more than 24 inches away. Moving and running in the first turn has got to be standard, and then hit in one area, really, really hard. Half your army is not going to get across the board. But at least with fearless you can be made to run. Just more armour saves.... hmm. The Callidus is awesomesauce. I could be tempted to change it for an Eversor as that is very, very fast and could handle big monsters, but I just love the neural shredder and the sheer “I am going to get in your backfield and be a complete pain in the ass” of the Callidus. Sure, she may be late, she may turn up when everything is dead, but she will always turn up exactly where I want her and ignore all saves.

So thats why I would feild this list. It is not points cost effective, but its fun. And thats why I play.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Long time no speak

So, haven’t posted on here in a long time. Last time I posted on here I was working on salamanders. I think I will aim to update on average once a week, as I don’t get a great deal of time at the moment to hobby it up. In the past 2 years or whatever it’s been I’ve been married and divorced, and for the moment that can be my excuse for not posting lol. I have also been to the fantasy GT at Warhammer world, that went ok (I ended up 1 win out of 5) my high elf army being one of around 20 there. I have revelled in the release of the space wolf codex (old news I know, but I’ve been waiting for about 10 years) and am currently painting my thunderwolves.

My intent is to go to the autumn GT at Warhammer world for 40k this year, and I can’t decide what army I should take. My current thoughts having read first heretic are to wait till grey knights come out, and do a custodian army. We’re trying to stick to GW models. I want to make sure my whole army is painted to the best of my ability, so that’s why I’m starting from scratch. Also, I don’t want to take Vulkan. I want something with real feel to it!