Tuesday 29 May 2012

Blog Wars 3 Build Up

So, time for a round up of my army when it comes to the hottest tournament this side of Adepticon (at least geographically.)http://fromthefang.blogspot.co.uk/ is the site, and Alex is actually appealing for an extra participant as we speak! get in there!

My Army is Imperial Guard, based largely around the rebel alliance. There are xwings, Luke Skywalker, and my newly converted Chimera. Whilst I don’t intend to give away the secrets (the army is so fluffy if you blow on it, it will fall over so I need all the help I can get!) suffice to say that my main tactic is to run at the enemy and hope for the best. Try and destroy the metal boxes, and then charge. (With guardsmen? – wow) I'm simply trying to save the galaxy from the empire, one glorious death at a time.

My special character will be Yarrick, as both he and Luke Skywalker lost a hand at one point, they both have that insane wish not to die, and are both balls cool as hell. (not sure that last bit counts as a sentence). In all honesty, this army does not work at 1750, unless I bought 3 hydras. but they are more money than I have. so I haven’t bought them. Its much better at 1500. I spent the extra 250 points on a command squad, I mean come on!

Pictures! Each one of these counts as 1000 words....

Basically, the chimera top front half is replace with the top front bit of a Land Raider. I wanted a chimera, was not prepared to pay forge world prices, but needed it to look cool as. The multilaser on the front is actually magnetised, (huzzah!) to allow me to weapon swap if I feel the need. I also painted some Matrix script on the back, since this will be carrying the Morpheous and Friends. Just remember to take the right coloured pill....

What are my hopes for Blog Wars 3? I would like to win at least one game on Saturday, maybe even two? Thou I feel that's probly very unlikely. In all honesty, my main objective is to march home with the best themed army. I think I'm going to be the only person with xwings. Which look even better in person. Though I have seen a cool army over at need more tanks that it some respects would be good to face, as he has the empire! See here for more info on his army: http://www.needmoretanks.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/empire-strikes-back.html