Thursday 18 August 2016

X-wing Nationals - Top 32 Cut and beyond! Darksun Life

So not only did I make the top 32 cut for the UK nationals of X-wing, I went almost as far as i could possibly go! I won't ruin the surprise for you (although, trust me id be shouting myself hoarse if i'd won the whole thing!) but I hope you enjoy the Vlog!

I know the blog side of things has been a little lacking lately, TBH I'm really enjoying vlogging and sharing my hobby in that fashion! Plus I don't think i've picked up my 40k stuff much in the past couple of months. Im planning to start seriously getting into my Bolt Action in September, so expect to see pictures and battle reports from that! I havent forgotten about my hobby season pledges, and in all honesty i think this bad boy gets the biggest, baddest completion stamp that i can find! So here it is:
Until next time,

Tuesday 16 August 2016

UK Xwing Nationals Tournament Part 1 - Darksun 27

Here it is! Part 1 in all its Glory :) Which of course, means that there will be a part 2! coming hopefully later this week! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more vlogging goodness here:

Monday 1 August 2016

X-wing Spring Kit Tourney Report - Wild Ways Newark. Darksun 26

So i went to Wild Ways at newark last weekend, and (spoilers) finally managed to get my hands on a spring kit challenge coin. I put together the video footage and its here for your viewing pleasure, just click the image of my face above :)