Wednesday 29 August 2012

Giving in to the thoughts in my head.

So recently I've been thinking about what has is good value for points that I know of. Saint Celestine is one good example of this. I therefore propose to take her. Here is a list I have spent this evening thinking about (although its been in my head for weeks)

Nuns With Guns

Saint Celestine 115 points

Battle Sister Squad x10, 1 Meltagun 135 points

Battle Sister Squadx10, 1 Meltagun 135 points

Company Command Squad, Kell, Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 160 points

Platoon Command Squad, Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 55 Points

Squad A Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad B Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad C Lascannon, Plasma Gun, 85 Points

Squad D Autocannon, Plasma Gun, 75 Points

Mortar Team 60 Points

Autocannon Team 75 Points (freaking cheap!)

Lascannon Team 105 Points

Storm Troopers x8, Double Plasma Guns, Plasma Pistol, 168

Manticore 160

So this is the list I will be maybe trying out to see how saint Celestine works. Thou its a lot of proxy, and I feel bad. I may just stick to my normal list until I have least bought all the guard bits! But I think it has a lot of potential. You basically shove Celestine down their flank/throat, and then if they don’t shoot her she gets to hit something. If they do, then the rest of your army (including a shiny new manticore! – may have to get me one of these) blow the living hell out of them.

Not even a little subtle, and it may not work long run, but I have 2 meltaguns, 9 plasma weapons, 6 Lasscannons, 6 Autocannons, and 89 models 80 of which score. Even Dan might not table that (although I'm not certain).

Friday 17 August 2012

Cutting open a Grey Knight

So. After an eventful day at work on Wednesday that included sexual harassment training, I rolled over to Games Workshop to play jo and his 6 model army.

For those not aware, this army has two Paladins, Draigo and two Dreadknights that both have teleport homers. Oh and a Fortress of Redemption. Yeah. My army on the other hand had over 100 gaurdsmen with a lot of plasma and melta, 3 mortars (yeah!) and 6 lascannons backed up by 6 autocannons. A 700point troops choice. Also I had ratlings, penal legion and a couple of squads of storm troopers to help max out on the heavy weapons.

We play the Relic, with standard deployment. Jo won and put his fortress down next to... the fortress of redemption that was on the board. Hmmm. The paladins and draigo manned his fortress, whilst the two flying Dreadknights stood on the battlements of the other one ready to wiz onto the objective in his first turn. I blanketed my deployment zone (literally) with all sorts of stuff, infiltrated the ratlings and outflanked a squad of storm troopers who had meltaguns. (and completely forgot about the penal legion until like, turn 4?)

I didn’t seize, and jo teleported in, took the relic with one and stood in front of the first one with the second one. He shot me up good, but didn’t take down any complete unit, meaning that he didn’t get first blood. Admittedly this could be because its hard to tell where units end and begin, but the ones he shot up either held or rallied. And crucially, he didn’t run with the relic holding dreadknight because he thought it was 6inch per turn, where as it is actually 6 inch per phase.

I then killed the dreadknight that was holding the relic. Sounds easy I know, but I did basically shoot my whole army (which is just a gun line) at this one guy. So he should have died lol. (first blood!)Next turn, he picked up the relic with the other dreadknight, and shot me some more, and ran with it to take it back towards his double fortress. I then shot off this dreadknight. Two in two turns. Highlight of the match occurred for me at this point, as I killed it with ratlings (took its final wound off).

The rest of the game revolved around a mad rush for me towards the objective,(including with the mortar team, who did die on the way) and jo’s three men and double fortresses trying to shoot me off. Turns out buildings are spectacularly hard to kill, especially multipart ones. I didn’t kill either, but did manage to get both paladins. Leaving draigo alive in a silo and actually in combat with him... err I won with linebreaker, first blood and holding onto the relic. Jo got kill the warlord.

I could tell that this army isn’t that fun to play against, partly because its hard to tell what has shot. I think I am going to have to come up with an easy to understand way of representing whos’ shot (possibly turning them the wrong way round). All in all, doubling the amount of heavy weaponary I have (and not playing dan) improved the result drastically. Plus, scattering the lascannons and autcannons into squads as well as having heavy weapons platoons of each meant they couldn’t all be so quickly picked off, because I will admit, having 3 lascannons hanging out together is pretty much always the first target.