Friday 14 October 2011


Hello Everyone,

First post on this blog is before the Throne Of Skulls tournament that is in roughly 11hours, my first Throne Of Skulls tournament too!

Alright so I really should have given you WIP pictures to look at and you know, keep an eye on progress. However progress on my army went from nothing to complete within 7 days, yes you read that right 7 days.
Now how do you build, paint and base a 1750 point army in 7 days - the easy answer is probably found by asking a different question, what army am I taking? The answer is Necrons with what most consider there battered old codex not a very competitive army but Im looking for a bit of fun not to go out and stomp everyone into oblivion.

So when planning the army I had three choices; Destroyers, Monoliths or a horde of Warriors. In the end I went with Destroyers and this is what it looks like:


Thats a rough army shot at least and well yes I do want some Destroyers with my Destroyers. The army list is as following;


Necron Lord

Destroyer Body, Resurrection Orb, Nightmare Shroud, Warscythe


Necron Lord

Resurrection Orb, Solar Pulse, Disruption Field



Necron Warriors

10 Warriors


Necron Warriors

10 Warriors




5 Destroyers



5 Destroyers



5 Destroyers



Heavy Destroyers

2 Heavy Destroyers


Heavy Destroyers

2 Heavy Destroyers


Now in the spirit of Tournaments I have to finish painting my objectives, Hope you all enjoyed the read.

-Dextrous Wombat

Monday 10 October 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

Well, the Emperor's finest is finished. I'm happy that the theme has stayed with me and I'm not worried that I will lose most if not all of my games at the weekend but hey at least my army will look good whilst I loose!

So the list is simple:


1: Darth Vader (Mephiston, Lord of Death)........................................250pts


1: Guardian Droid (Furioso Dreadnought)..........................................125pts

2: Guardian Droid (Furioso Dreadnought)..........................................125pts

3: Guardian Droid (Furioso Dreadnought)..........................................175pts
* Magna Grapple (15pts)
* Drop Pod (35pts)
Storm Bolter


1: Jump Troopers (Assault Squad).....................................................120pts
4x Assault Marines (72pts), Veteran Sergeant (28pts)
* Land Raider Redeemer (240pts),

2: Stormtroopers (Tactical Squad).....................................................410pts
Flamer, Missile Launcher, 9x Tactical Marine (144pts), Veteran Sergeant (26pts)
* Razorback (20pts)
Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

3: Stormtroopers (Tactical Squad)......................................................260pts
Flamer, Missile Launcher, 9x Tactical Marine (144pts), Veteran Sergeant (26pts)
* Razorback (90pts)
Twin Linked Lascannon (35pts)

Fast Attack..............................................................................................(80pts)

1: Speeder Bikes (Scout Bike Squadron).............................................80pts
Combi-Melta (10pts), 2x Space Marine Biker (50pts), Veteran Sergeant (40pts)

Heavy Support......................................................................................(200pts)

1: Imperial Shuttle (Stormraven Gunship)..........................................200pts
Twin Linked Lascannon, Twin Linked Multi-Melta

Total: 1745 Points

And now the photos:

I think the army has come on well I especially love the objective markers!

I will report how I did after the weekend!

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Sunday 4 September 2011

Its Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

A Blog Post! (Finally)

So, I’ve finished the four squads of penal legion. And two xwings! The cool part of the army is done! The swirling vortex of geek continues as I now have a BSG, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1 and Transformers squad. Think the veterans are going to be Firefly, and maybe Babylon 5.

I have, however, worked out that I have only just over a month... which is less good. I'm currently painting the veteran squads, as rebel fleet troopers. Don’t think I’ve quite nailed the blue, but I'm really happy with the colours actually. Gotta buy a whole bunch of plastic Meltaguns and heavy flamers (I'm really trying to stick to the no metal rule if I can) anyways, here is what they look like:

Gonna try and bash out the other 5 over the next day or so, and maybe then buy my 3rd xwing. In other news, have you seen the ogre kingdom models? There is this guy: the ogre ninja. AMAZING. Whilst I'm not always a fan of new models (especially atm, some of them are really not my taste) this guy is frankly hilarious.

an ogre, thats a ninja!

Friday 19 August 2011

A Quick One

I am now onto my 4th penal legion squad! im taking them on holiday with me (i leave in about 5 mins.)hopefully that will be ok with my family! i hope to get most of them done this week, so i can go onto maybe some storm troopers when i get back! i played three games last week, and drew two and won one. (though one was with teclis)having two xwings flying around was pretty inspiring! playing is what keeps me painting i think!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

sunshine, star wars and scotland

So, this is a picture heavy blog post! Recently I have been to a test match, Glasgow, and also other things. I saw stranded ninjas truescale darth vader in person, seems pretty awesome! It is hot today, and I have been painting my second xwing outside! The airbrush gun allowed me to already be on other colours that aren’t the base colour, which pleases me. There is still a lot of work to be done on it, but its on its way.

There are 3 squads now, transformers, star trek and battlestar galatica. After the second xwing, ill probly do the last squad and then move onto the veterans and storm troopers! I haven’t found a decent conversion for luke skywalker! I don’t know if I should be basing the veterans of death korps or drop troopers, but both of those are expensive!

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Xwings and roundabouts

So. I haven't posted on here in ages! I totally take the responsibilty for that! I have built, and spray painted (I know get
Me!) the second xwing, code named the delta flyer. Pics soon :)

Monday 18 July 2011

Jim........Robot Camels.

Now themes are a great thing but fitting them into your army is hard.
We started with the Rebellion Vs the Empire which expanded to the Battle of Hoth which leads to a fairly obvious army list if you go by the theme.

However, that didn't fit with my Codex army list. Now, I've had several games and am tweaking my ToS list more and more. And obviously I need to have the models to represent the units......

......the problem with that is I don't like using proxies. Yes I have done as I'm sure we all have counted something as something else but I didnt like doing it.

So I give you the current built section of my Imperial Empire......

The AT-AT is still WiP as there are several holes yet to fill but it counts as a Landraider Redeemer, the Biker Scouts are to be painted, the Stormtroopers need a little tweaking and Darth Vader is still a WiP but he is converted following the "Artscale" method from:

The green stuff on Vader has definatley been the most infuriating so far and I've still got his head and cape to do!!

Well, more updates soon and remember........

........For The Emperor!

Can't post!

I can't post so follow me here:

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Wednesday 29 June 2011

The First of Many.

Well I havn't posted anything for a while.

My Troopers, Dreadnaughts & Ravens are built. The Drop Pods are on their way and I have now had my first couple of games in sunny Glasgow.
Here is how they broke down:

Game 1- Vs Deathwing

Pretty bad for this one, we both were deep striking. He had lots of Krak missiles and proceeded to take out a Stormraven a turn.

I'm glad I didn't win though. As the game itself was a great insight into the kind of Tournament army I may come against. In hindsight, I don't think I should've deep stroked and gone for a classic "camp in the corner" approach.

Game 2- Vs Space Wolves

As I'm used to playing Lightnings Wolves, I felt fairly confident of this one. Lee went first and spread out across the board, myself concentrating on the Razorbacks & Rhinos. I lost a Furioso after it assaulted the unit on his objective and subsequently got its head sliced off by Wolfen! The moment for me in this battle was my immobilised Dreadnought using its Magna grapple to pull an immobilised Razorback towards it. Even though the tank 'moved' I could still automatically hit because of its status!
We got toturn six and think had turn seven showed, I would have lost but a draw is a draw and nothing to be sniffed at!

I now look forward to next week as I have a couple of tactics I want to try out.

More soon........

Friday 10 June 2011

Flying on a (x) wing and a prayer

Sorry for the absence of posting... I wanted to wait until I had something to show you... hope its worth the wait!

So, this is my first X wing! The base isn’t done yet. I did try a full snow base, which worked but didn’t look good. So I'm going for the classic sand method. This first shot is of the whole thing side on. It hasn’t got any kill markings on it, I haven’t decided on how to go about that.

The cockpit was a COMPLETE pain in the bum. It didn’t fit quite right; I’ve had to green stuff the gaps (which looks not so awesome.) The things that I'm particularly pleased about with this model are the freehand, the stability, the fact that it looks as good as I hoped it would, and that I painted the guys inside the cockpit.

The things that I’ve learnt for next time are to pin the wings, make sure the cockpit lines up properly, and to use as spray gun. Seriously, I cannot be bothered to paint that much surface area twice more. I think using a airbrush for the next two will be faster, and provide more even coverage with no brush strokes. Furthermore, if I knock all the paint up at once, it will all be the same colour!

Next I intend to paint probly 2 more squads of penal legion, just cos I'm a bit sick of painting vehicles.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

The first rule of Geek club

Is that you don’t talk about Geek club. Very similar to Glee Club, Tea Club or any other club with Brad Pitt in (yes he does follow this blog). other rules of Geek Club include (but are not limited too) making sure you spend all day in your room painting Warhammer, avoiding social contact, and prioritising Geek activities over everything else. Behold my contribution to Geek Club this week:

This has essentially taken me ages to get to this point. And for some reason, the model really stinks. Think its cos I spray painted onto unset green stuff. Meh. The bits that aren’t so grey painted are going to be red squad markings. The mix is Bleached Bone/Boltgun Metal at a 2.5:1 ratio. Ive actually used so much on this guy that I had to go to GW Leicester to replenish my paints today specially. I said to the staff member in there that it was for my xwing, and he said “oh you’re the guy that's making that.” which pleased me! Whoever it is that is telling people, please keep raving about me! All for a good cause (my ego).

In other news, I was supposed to play fantasy tomorrow night. I have found (hopefully) a new group of people to play with now Stranded Ninja is going to Glasgow. I think that this blog may grow a little into a Fantasy Blog as well, even though project Far Far Away remains my primary concern. I already feel behind and its May lol.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

GW Price Hike

Now. working in retail i understand that things are getting more expensive. being single and having loads of spare cash price hikes are more of annoyance than something that will stop me playing. but i think i agree with the overall sentiment of this article. seems to me that certain areas are getting a raw deal... this was written by Kirby over at 3++.

I normally hate these type of posts and avoid writing them like the plague. Most of these type of articles just end up complete whining or asshatery (though I did love SandWyrm's) which isn't really necessary but what has happened recently has lead me to write this. Before we get to the letter though some information. Games Workshop has changed their terms and conditions for stores in the United Kingdom to only allow shipping to countries within the European Union and other parts of Europe. They have increased their prices again come June and have announced the released of resin and mixed resin/plastic sets instead of metals with an approximate increase of 2.5-25% depending upon the set. None of these sets are new but rather re-casts.

Letter time!

To Games Workshop,

Why? No seriously, why? I'm sure the excuse of cutting off Australasia and other countries (Canada, India, Korea, South American countries, etc.) to benefit the independent and GW store sales in Australia sounded good but unless you cut the prices here to not be a ridiculous 200% higher price than overseas, it's not going to happen. Let's look at this logically. You've stopped us from buying from stores like Maelstrom and Wayland with an embargo agreement in your Terms and Conditions (remember globalisation? how's that going btw?). Does this mean we are going to now buy at RRP in Australia or other countries? No.

There are other outlets overseas we can buy from which are still much cheaper (hi America), other companies which you cannot touch without raising a helluva lot of crap (hi ebay) and people who are willing to ship to us overseas (hello family and friends) without the 200% tax. We won't be getting as huge a discount as before but it's much better than buying here at RRP. The other option is of course going to be quitting which I imagine some people are going to do. Check out this thread on WargamerAU where a lot of people are indicating they are. The ultimate bottom line? Your bottom line suffers (more people leaving) and the retailers in Australia do not benefit.

Now I'm all for one in supporting the locals. I buy all my products such as spray paint, paints, plasticard, magnets, drills + bits, modelling putty, brushes, etc. from Australia. As an aside, do you actually stock good quality merchandise for all of those options? I don't see you selling plasticard, magnets, good sized drillbits, custom bases, etc. I'd be happy to pay a 5-10% premium on these objects compared to other stores to support your business but then again, I don't really want to support your business currently do I? The point of any business is to make a profit but the problem with your business model is you do not do this whilst concurrently supporting your customer base. We don't ask for much but a short list would look like...

not raising prices every year, without fail, regardless of the economic situation or inflation rates
basing prices around the world upon exchange rates (I wouldn't be averse to paying 20% more in Australia compared to the UK or America locally but I am adverse to paying twice as much) - there are circumstances in each country that make operating there more or less expensive but you need a base retail price for your product which is then translated by exchange rates at a given time (i.e. quarterly) rather than a price set many, many years ago. It's part of being in a global market.
regular and quick FAQs - you've done a fantastic job IMO of creating some pretty balanced books for 5th edition, fix the grey areas quickly.
official erratas - man up and admit you've made mistakes (hi Tyranids) and work on erratas that are official and re-print the books with these amendments. Admitting a mistake and fixing it isn't a problem and I'd applaud you for it. Ignoring a problem is.
fix Fantasy - you did it with 40k, why go backwards with Fantasy?
don't think your customer base is moronic - the resin re-cast to be cheaper than metals whilst hiking prices, not fooling anyone.

Ultimately people in Australia and other countries go overseas for their Games Workshop products for a reason: it's significantly cheaper (I.e. half price). What motivation is there to therefore buy from our locals when you aren't treating your customers with loyalty and support? People will walk away and your bottom line will hurt. A simple solution: care about your customers. Change the Australian (and other countries) prices so they are at least similar to the UK and US. This doesn't have to be the exact same price but some parity would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a quick example. If you could buy a similar product for $45 compared to $150, what would you do? How about if the product was the exact same but if you ordered it overseas it was $80 compared to $150 by the time it reached your door step? I'm pretty sure you'd want to take the cheaper option correct? For you as a company, you make your profit margin through the reseller regardless of where it is purchased. You may make more money off a direct sale at an Australian store compared to an Internet sale from the UK but you have already achieved the profit margin from the Internet sale already. The Australian stores may be hurting but this is down to the initial price you have set, not market trends. Simply put, you are alienating customers from a large and developing market.

I and many of the readers here obviously enjoy your game. We've played it through thick and thin (4th edition...) or come back thanks to an improvement game balance (5th edition) and don't want to leave. We will though sooner or later if you keep piling on idiotic choices on us. Other companies like Privateer Press did very well in the early to mid-2000s for a reason and people will migrate to other gaming systems if you continue to mistreat them and their loyalty.

As it stands I question why you do the things you do. Raising prices every year annoys me but I cannot complain too loudly as your products are a luxury item but you do not provide excellent customer service one usually expects with such goods. I certainly find minimal fault with your staff or when your product is damaged/faulty but your overarching business model seems counter-intuitive to maintaining a customer base. Even if you are getting a large amount of new customers imagine how much better off your company would be if you had maintained a significant portion of your repeat customers. The model you are running currently to me does not seem sustainable as your turnover rate in customers is just too high. I applaud your efforts in making 40k 5th edition a more competitive game but what you've done to Fantasy 8th edition doesn't bode well for the future.

Please, look to satisfy both the shareholders and the customer rather than just the former.


P.S. Anyone who agrees with this, I would greatly appreciate this being re-posted on your blog so we might actually garner GW's attention and hopefully move forward together. That is the ultimate goal, I want Games Workshop to succeed as a company so I can continue to enjoy the gaming systems I do but to do that, Games Workshop must look at altering their business model in the long run to maintain a steady customer base.

P.P.S. keep it civil in the comments kids and don't bitch, discuss.

Joining The Dark Side?

So, after a week of silence I thought I should update. Not much has happened since I built the first X-Wing, but here is a run down:

• Lost to Stranded ninja twice in the last week. Once in anhilation and once in Capture and control. He knows my dirty little tricks now, and that's how my army works....

• Have ordered all the lascannons I need of ebay, and they are on their way to me now  excited!

• I now have two fully painted squads of penal legion / Rebel pilots. One Star Trek squad and one Battlestar Galatica Squad. I did some nice freehand on the sergeants shoulderpad. Unfortuantly there is no pic to go with this at this time. (I will try and update that shortly)

• I've realised that I love Lego

Essentially my plans now are to really try and being to nail the models. What with Stranded Ninja moving to Glasgow in just over a week I'm loosing my gaming partner and my best friend. Both of these things suck, but its gonna leave me with loads more time. Some of this will be taken up by the Bible Group Leadership that I'm starting, but I intend to try and paint loads now.

Other exciting news is that I may have found another gaming outlet. There is a club called the Leicester Sabres that meets near me at a time that I can go to. Plus somebody I met at church actually goes, so I'm hoping that that's a way in. As ever, the road to every epic fail will be covered right here......

Wednesday 11 May 2011

I Have A Bad Feeling About This

So, I have not post on here, probably for two weeks. But that's because I haven’t done anything overly new. I've been painting my pilots, (I'm now up to 13 guys hooray!) and I finally assembled the beast below with stranded ninjas help.

Man this turned out to be much more of a pain in the ass than I thought it would be. But, it looks AWESOME. Ok I accept that the wings are not quite in proportion compared to a real X wing, but considering my goal is “GW or Bust” and not to use any other models, I'm quite happy. I kinda want this army to end up in a display cabinet at GW Leicester, but I'm not sure that it will (as it is Star Wars). That is of course much more likely if its just GW models. Plus I kinda like the challenge. So those are my reasons.

I intend to slap some Lasscannons on the ends of the wings, and it will be a wizzywig Vendetta. Awesome right? Homework wise... im considering printing Tshirts for the Tourney with star wars (or familsy guy star wars) quotes on. what are peoples favourites? mine is "I really hope they dont have giant robot camels" from something something darkside.

Monday 25 April 2011

In A Cage Of Emotion

Ok so, little update from my world of Warhammer! This week I finished the 10 models I had (pics below, ordered some more bits for my xwing conversion from America (they haven’t turned up yet) and played Stranded Ninja.

So, these are the finished models. They are from 2 different squads because I realised that I had forgot to model a sergeant so I painted the last 3 up as green squadron. Furthermore, I realised that I hadn’t used any pilot helmets. I intend to use the spare helmets from the Valkyrie to make it look like some of the models are actually pilots. At least that's the master plan. I have actually run out of stuff to paint, since Im only painting project far far away at the moment.

Every model has something interesting going on with the base; this guy is supposed to have one of the storm trooper helmets on his base. Furthermore, ive decided to name each of the squads after something Geek centred. These two are Star Trek and Battlestar Galatica, with squads to follow of Star wars, Babylon 5, Stargate, etc etc. I intend to create a swirling geek vortex that will cause such a nerdgasm the people playing me have no choice but to concede....

In the game against stranded ninja, things did not go according to plan. Some things that normally happen took place (we played pass the baby with his daughter – i.e. I hold her in his go, and he in mine) but aside from that things did not. He used a DOA blood angel’s army, at which point I kinda lost the plot. I’ve changed my list a tiny bit, and managed to squeeze in two squads of veterans who wield Meltaguns and heavy flamers. So it now looks like this:

Yarrick x1
Penal legion x4
Veterans with Meltagun x2, Heavy Flamer. X2
Storm Troopers with Plasma gun x2 and Plasma Pistol. X2
Vendetta x2
Valkyrie with Rocket Pods x1
Hydra x3

I'm actually pretty happy with this list (thou the proxying is getting confusing) but I think it gives me more tactical ability whilst only mildly taking away from the “wing and a prayer” aspect of the army. It means that one of the Storm Trooper Squads Outflanks with all my Penal Legion whilst the vets ride with the other squad in my Air Cav. It does take me to higher number of kill points, but I don’t mind that.

So the game in hand did not go well for me. We got kill points and spearhead. I elected to go second (this army really likes going second) and promptly castled in a corner, about a foot square. Bad idea. It meant when his drop pods, storm ravens, dreadnoughts and Mephiston came down I was in a glass cage of emotion of my own design.

Having said how much I like my vets squads, they did sweet nothing. When the first and second Talon Dreads came down, I promptly blew all the arms and legs off the pair of them, but took until TURN 5 to kill them both (and even then the big toy boys had to pitch in!)

Essentially, I wasn’t really able to play keep away and was behind from the very start. I ended up losing 4-6 of KPs at the bottom of turn 5. I think I probably should of castled in the centre (the terrain was pretty meh for the whole board) just so that he couldn’t box me in so easily and then my outflanks would have been nearer to help, as lot of the time it really was eggs in one basket that turned out to be more like a wonky sieve.

And the X wing Conversion? well... hopefully thats what im going to be working on next. stay glued to this space.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Im not dead!

So yeah, getting a bit lax on the updates of late. “real life” or whatever that is, is beginning to try and take over for me. Standing for election does that you I guess. Anyways, just wanted to share a few pics of the rebel troopers that I’ve nearly finished!

As you can see, they aren’t based yet. But you can kinda see the rebel alliance icon on the side of their heads. These guys are red squadron, still need another 4 manly colours! Any ideas? Obviously they can’t clash with orange jump suit, or the red rebellion logo.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me (or the rebellion)

So, just a quick update with a few pics. These guys aren’t sprayed, just got the scopes today and have been gluing them on. Trying to mimic the rebel rifles (badly). I've been considering getting some Elysian’s in for the storm trooper models, but that’s EXPENSIVE. In other news, the feedback ive been getting (mainly from will) is that the grey knights cant take loosing models. This doesn’t suprise me. Look out for a stupid henchmen list on here soon :)

Tuesday 5 April 2011

The Shunt Punch

So, I confess, that this army list is a vague rip off of a Goatboy idea from Bell of Lost Souls. It is a 1750 Grey Knights list which I wrote on the train. An interesting point for me to make at this juncture is that actually I find I get tunnel vision with an army list. I'm really not into proxying, or trying new things. I like using the same list, week in week out and writing random army lists is a bit weird. I kinda feel like I have to put my money where my mouth is, and really live a list for a couple of months!

Shunt Punch – Mount Up!
Grand Master with Force Halberd 180

Terminators (5) with 4 Force Halberds and a Deamonhammer 200

Strike Squad (10) with 2 Psycannons, 2 Deamonhammers 240

Storm Raven with Multimelta and Lasscannon 205

Storm Raven with Multimelta and Lasscannon 205

Dreadnight with Personal Teleporter 205

Dreadnight with Personal Teleporter 205

Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon and Psybolt Ammunition. 140

Vindicare Assassin 145


So the basic plan with this list is a complete alpha strike. You can guarantee that one of the Dreadnights will get Scout, and you have a 66% chance that they both will. With this army you really, really want to be going first. Its not essential, or a catch all (against DOA I would reserve) but you basically get both of your Dreadnights in combat top of turn 1 if you go first. They then become a massive pain, with the rest of your army (all mounted in the two storm ravens) follow in with the second wave, ensuring that you really push one flank over by start of turn 3.

The one exception to this is the Vindicare. He infiltrates in a sexy position and starts popping power fists, Lasscannons, pack leaders and sangquinary priests. If he is being shot, excellent! He is pretty much not important to the plan, more of a wild card. Guns aimed at him means guns not aimed at shiny grey stuff. Guns not aimed at him means he gets to keep plugging away.

In summary, w00t!

Monday 4 April 2011

A Different Colour Of Grey

So, ive had my hands on the new Grey Knight Codex for around 48 hours. I think that it is suitably shiney, and may even throw down a list or two in the near future on this blog (and perhaps even the real world) just a couple of quick observations, this is by no means my definitive or comprehensive opinion just yet.

1/. No more fearless! Awesome – fearless armour saves are really not cool.

2/. The shunt punch is totally on. More on this soon

3/. You can give storm ravens scout – hot damn! I was looking forwards to loading one full of stuff and putting it in my opponents face before the game even started

4/. There seems to be no limit on the number of assassins you can take – whilst you aren’t allowed to take 3 Vindicares (they are unique models) it seems like you could take a rainbow of three of them. Which would be cool.

5/. The assassin stat line is better, although I'm not overly keen on that the Callidus can no longer jump into combat straight away. Or that the Eversor doesn’t always wound on a 4+. (but I do like unlimited special ammo for the Vindicare)

6/. Grand Master Draigo is Filth. Pure Filth.

7/. I cant afford these guys along with Project FFA (Far Far Away) but I totally would love to have both.

More on this soon...

Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Rebellion

So, thought I should post to let you all know I'm not dead! I have been busy working on... stuff? Well, actually very little! Mt penal legion has begun something of a reign of terror in the gaming world that is my imagination. I have drawn once, and won 2 (or 3) times. Me and stranded ninja have been hard at work thinking about themes and cool things to make our (my) massive ass whooping at the GT more bearable. We’ve tentatively decided on something like this...

Can you guess what it is yet? Stay tuned for more models looking like this, and some looking like they are from a galaxy far far away.....

Thursday 17 March 2011

Fighting Fire With Fire

Fighting Fire With Fire
So, in the last two days I’ve painted 3 models (including a new “me” – more on that later) and won twice whilst drawing once. I’ve been using this list.

1st game against stranded ninja

We played spearhead with 5 objectives. However, since we were playing 1750, I added 3 Hydras. He had a Land Raider, 2 Storm Ravens and far too many blood angels for my liking, and some terminators with Tyberos. He didn’t realise that all of my penal legion were outflanking, and then three squads jumped the Terminators in turn two. I think I killed like, 2? Eventually it came down to the fact that I was holding 1 objective, which he couldn’t reach because of the terrain, to his two. I finally managed to shoot both his scoring units dead and kept the death company off mine. A win on the mission objectives, but I did spend some amount of time playing keep away to be honest.

2nd game against World Eaters at GW Leicester

So, this was dawn of war with 5 objectives. Again, this guy had never seen this army before (barely even played me) so I let him deploy first and kept everything off. He had 3 squads of Berserkers, Khan, 2 Squads of Summoned Daemons, 2 very cool transformer type defilers and 2 squads of chosen.The random element of the penal legion is something I'm beginning to fall in love with, especially when it comes to getting knife fighters off right. I came on with my Vendettas on my left flank and began to pull his army away from the centre, which was where most of the objectives were. His chosen came on and popped one of my Vendettas. My favourite point in this battle promptly followed as my outflankers outflanked him, and promptly murdered him.

I managed to contest the objectives he was scoring, and drag him off the ones he was on to charge me, so I got a draw! Kudos to my opponent really, because he didn’t have to charge me, and didn’t have time to get back to his objective.

3rd game against Ian’s Ravenwing

This ended up being a dawn of war, kill points game. I reserved everything, and thought that I would really be screwed as everything in his army could move as fast as mine. So, a ran over to my extreme right this time, and over the course of three turns he ran at me in about 3 waves. This was great, as my plasma death storm troopers and Lasscannons made him wade through his own superhuman blood. Yarrick didn’t even get out of his Fortress of Flying Arrogance until the 6th turn when his Vendetta moved flat out and they all successfully jumped without dying in front the last biker squad.

I promptly received the charge from Chaplin and his dress wearing buddies, and was wiped out to a man. Though it did make for a suitably epic end to the game! The highlight for this game was killing Sammael with Penal Legion. I literally killed the Master of the Ravenwing with a Knife, blowing his flying Land Raider out of the Sky.

And, as promised, here is a picture of the new “me.” As you can see, he is wearing yellow! (My favourite colour.) And I thought that it would be cool to have a pink las pistol!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Grey is the new black!

Well, the Grey Knights are up for advance order. That's here

And after the "ooo's" & "aaah's", I'm quite disappointed at the Marines and Terminators, I kind of expected a new direction "a la" Dark Eldar. Draigo's shield is nice (tempting me to do a Grey Knight Imperial Fist army!) but the rest of the model is pretty standard.

The only things that have really caught my attention are the Nemesis Dreadknight and the Codex!

The Dreadknight:

The pictures on GW's website show the same stance but with the different arm options. With the variation of poses that can be made with the Defiler, that was surprising. Watch this space though, as when one gets into my grubby mits, the pose will be a lot more dynamic!!

The Codex:

Nothing new here if you've been reading the rumours/leaked copy but obviously the official book may change what we think we know.

I just want to see how the Stormravens are affected!

On a lighter note, have you ever noticed that most of Games Workshop's "Beaky" Marines only look to the left?? More on that soon..........

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