Sunday, 5 April 2009

warhammer world

going to warhammer world tomorrow, the bigger version of my room. only for a little store on store tournament, you get 500pts to throw down against your oppenent, and then there is a big apoc game at the end with all the models. hopefully will be able to get some pics.

im going to take my space marines, heres the list im taking:

DLR Combat Patrol.

Librarian Beckton. – Gate of Infinity & Smite. 100pts

Tactical Squad Shadwell – Sergeant has Meltabombs. 95pts

Tactical Squad Blackwall – Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sergeant has Power Sword. 180pts

Vindicator “Galleons Reach” – Siege Shield. 125pts

Total Cost: 500pts.

The main idea is for the Vindicator to just pie plate anything i dont like, and for the librarian to smite anything that he misses, whislt jumping around late in the game to get me objectives. im taking the majority of my painted salamanders so far, but im having to help them out with a few space wolves as well. the quicker of you wil notice that all the squads are named after stops on the Docklands light railway on the london tube map. just a little bit of fluff, but i do really like Galleons' Reach for my Vinidicator.

hopefully should be able to snap some snaps, and will report back tomorrow.

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