Sunday, 12 April 2009

in short

Something i didnt do as my first post, was to set out my stall in the world of 40k. what armies do i play? what is my background etc. i didnt want to make it the first post... but i do need to contexualize my blogs.

so.. the armies i play are: Witchhunters, Deamonhunters, Space Wolves, and Imperial Gaurd. im basically the kinda guy who plays the good guys lol. im also starting of a salamanders army, based around vulkan rules of nastyness.

Space wolves are my main army, although they are only really just beginning to shape up after 5th ed, they can be very nasty. i like the fact that storm sheilds only cost me a maximum of 10 points, but dislike that i now have negative combat modifiers on my morale checks.

my current project is my salamanders, (pictures will follow in a week or so) but they are coming along nicely. somebody showed me a nice way to do the bases which im really please with. you basically green stuff the whole base by maybe a couple of milimetres, and then once it has cured for an hour you cut out a stream shaped area which becomes the lava. if you also worry the green stuff with a blade it makes it look good. then on a black undercoat wash the whole thing in a watered down gray before painting the lava red through to white. simple, yet effective.

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