Thursday, 16 April 2009

index astartes and finding models

couple of quick things today. there would be more posting but im currently on holiday and planning my wedding! being in my parents house does have its advantages though! today i found an attack bike, a rhino, a half intact land raider crusader and a predator! they may be a bit shabby, but touching them up will cost me a lot less than buying them all :)dont you just love that! thats a possible saving of like £50! im also seriously considering making the preadator into a lasscannon/plasma gun rasorback. because they are cool.

does anybody know which white dwarf has the salamanders index astartes in it? i want the background detail for my salamanders, but the books in which they come are oop and expensive! and the 4th one is also not on ebay at the current time!

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