Monday, 20 April 2009

Getting New Stuff without paying

So, Ron over at FTW has asked for a few money saving tips. since im currently trying to build an army and pay for a honeymoon, it could be said that i have to keep my wallet in check to avoid my priorities being discovered. so here is what i have learned.

1/. Old Models. As i mentioned in the last week, old models are a blessing which you cannot love enough. i found a rhino, a predator, an attack bike with MM. and these are just the ones I've used! There was 3/4 of a LR Crusader, and around SM bikes in this bag of goodies as well. that's a total saving of £117.20 brand new!

2/. eBay. this is obvious. my salamanders army so far as cost me about £30 and i have a devastator squad with 4 Multi-Meltas, 20 Black Reach Marines, and a Squad of real TH/SS terminators. i say real because they are not black reach ones. how i hear you cry?
-look for cheap bargins. thats how i got the tactical marines.
-don't over spend - just because its on eBay does not mean its a bargain.
-sell what you don't need. i had spares to make the terminators, so i sold the all the lightning claws and shoulder pads (amongst other things) to recoup the cost of the terminators. so much so that i had enough to buy a whole second box

3/. conversions. yes conversions are cool. but how much more accomplished does it feel if those conversions are in fact from you putting in the effort to look in your reserve bits box for that left arm, or that extra tentacle? you will feel more proud, i definitely do!

4/. magnets. if you have both sets of arms of you terminators, or both sets of sponsons for your Leman Russ, then why waste one set? magnet them up baby! this allows you to interchange them. or, if you are to busy to do that, use blue tack or double sided sticky tape!

5/. play test. the easiest way to save money is not spend it. if you are thinking about shelling out for that second carnifex, or the 3rd wraithlord (shudder)then borrow a friends for a game. if the store battle bunker is really cool, they may even let you borrow one. though that's probably an outside possibility. failing this, if you are playing with mates, just sub models in for a game. that way you find out how vulnerable land speeders really are, or how much fire wave serpents can really take.

6/. research. this is kinda included in the previous point, but the internet is a world of a place. ask in your local battle bunker or store, check out sites and forums to see what people think of certain builds. they may help you out. a warning though on this, always remember that it is your money you are spending. don't buy the baneblade to please the staff member, or cave on your opinion that you want to play with wolf guard in Terminator Armour because you like the fluff.

7/. Swapping. this is an easy one. somebody somewhere will have a use for your spare power sword or chaos havoc. if you can find that person, and they have something that you want, then you are home and dry. you both get new models, and it doesnt cost anything!

thats pretty much all i can think of... its not exhaustive, and has no pictures. but hopefully its helpful!

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