Friday, 10 April 2009

Apoc tourny at warhammer world.

As you know, i went to warhammer world on Monday for a tourney. it was Leicester Store VS Stoke Store, and the idea was we played each other in two rounds of smaller games, and then the outcomes of those games would have an effect on the larger apocalypse game. as it turns out, i ended up teaming up with another member of GW Leicester, who also had marines. he pretty much had the same army as mine, a Librarian with gate of infinity, and the Avenger. he did not, however, have a vindicator, but he had some scouts and some toys for his marines.

the first game we played was against a couple of cool guys called Dan and Andy. all the games were Kill points, and we had a pitched battle deployment. They had Eldar; with 3 Wraithlords, and Eldrad with a seer council. when they redeployed the wraithlords all to one flank, i knew we could be in for some trouble.
The early game went well for us. the wraithlords stumbled over the terrain and we shot them up a bit, and we double teamed a squad of Guardians with our HQs. so we got an early kill point, which was pleasing. however, Eldrad was a pain as his ability to force us to use 3D6 when testing for psychic powers meant that we stood to loose wounds for perils of the warp test, as neither of us had taken invulnerable saves.

the mid game saw things even out, with them dropping a Autarch right next to the Galleons Reach and though it survived, the vindicator was now immobile. we also started constantly missing the approaching horde of wraithlords, which we horribly realized we couldn't hurt in combat. we did manage to nail the Autarch in one glorious round of combat with scouts, but the odds were racking up against us.

The late game was the best period of the game, easily the most enjoyable. two of the wraithlords crunched my librarian with a combat squad, whilst the third was facing down on our gun line, supported by half a seer council with Eldrad, who was now not hindered by physic hoods, since the warp had taken Dan's Librarian. in the end it came down to our tactical squads taking out Eldrad, his seer council and a wraithlord in the last turn to give us a cool 3 kill points, totaling us to five. they unfortunately, had 6. so we lost by one.

The second game two guys called Matt and Adam. again it was kill points, and this time it was table quarters. facing chaos and chaos daemons, we created a fire base with all the guns we could muster and waited to see what would drop and where. it turned out to be two soul grinders, right in front of our lines. they promptly ate one unit of scouts, and whilst we managed to kill one of them in a trade of for my vindicator, the second one hid in some trees. the fast approaching daemon prince was also a pain, for some reason in the second half of the game he really started to pass all of his warp time saves. didnt manage to murder him, which was disappointing. we ened up loosing seven kill points to 5.

As it turned out, stoke were the overall winners, with more kill points in thier team by some margin. i would point out that they had been told that they only had to bring a troops and HQ and could spend the rest on what they wanted, allowing them to field power.. but i wouldnt want to seem ungrateful. i enjoyed playing at warhammer world.

the Apoc game was my first, and consquently i didnt really understand it. we played on this beautiful table. stoke chose to defend, which left us to assault. everybody seemed to enjoy it, even if my whole contribution was flank marching with my marines into a squad of orks with a warboss, and then fleeing off the table. normal marines really dont hit as hard in combat as space wolves.

overall, i enjoyed it. i enjoyed bugmans, the forgeworld stuff i bought, and playing in the big hall. im looking forwards to the proper 40k tourney next month now :)

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