Friday, 10 April 2009

vulkan hestan list

So, im currently building up my salamanders list. i currently have 2 tactical squads and a squad of terminators in the works. my main problem is that with these guys, a couple of rhinos, vulkan and 3 squads of Devastators all with 4 multimeltas, i work up to around 1250 points. which leaves me with 250 points.

now, my army is fairly defensive, with the 12 multimeltas from the devastators forming a nice firebase from which to shoot things up, whilst the tactical squads go for late game objective siezes whilst not trying to give KPs away. the TH/SS terminators deal with anything advancing on my lines, whilst distracting my enemies into not shooting at the things that will actually hurt him (my devastators)

so, i figure that these are a few of my options, working from the models i already have/ think would provide what the army needs

1/. Deamonhunters Inquisitor Lord, with three mystics and an Eversor assasin. this option allows me to shoot the living hell out of anything that dares to deep strike in my half of the board. whilst the eversor can either outflank and take a chunk out of a flank that is bothering me. these guys love wraithlords.

2 Grey knight terminators. this option provides me with hitting power, and also gives my oppenent to much to think about in the way of terminators. also, the force weapons that the grand masters wield do not cause instant death. meaning i could topple things immune to it in one go.

3 Sterngaurd + librarian. this combo would allow me a lot manauverability in terms of using the Gate to fly around the board, wiping out units as i go. would also allow for late game objective siezeure or contesting.

4 sisters of battle dominion squad, possibly also with seraphim (thou i think you can only take one fast attack as an ally.) these girls would be able to use the ability that vulkan confers for thier flamers and meltas etc, which would be cool and annoying for my oppenent.

so yeah, these are the choices that fall to me off the top of my head. 250 points sounds like a lot, but when you get down to it, it really isnt when you are looking for a finisher, or the unit that will just irritate your oppenent.

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