Monday, 25 January 2016

The Juggernaut Shield - Pictures and Final Thoughts

I thought I would showcase some photos of the teams from our tourney last weekend, and also muse on the advantages and disadvantages of having a bye.

Waaaagshington Greenskins
Ian's team are an experienced team of many editions of blood bowl, and even include a painted coach and apothecary (see back row in the centre).

The starting line up, a nice traditional red colour scheme, with some added extras. Ian did a bit of touching up on the models in preparation with some liquid skill (nuln oil). There are some really nice details, for example the shoulder pads of the blitzers came out really well. 

These are the two models that were hastily assembled in order to crunch me in round 4 and the semi final. Rather intimidating when he's assembling a black Orc (Thrasher) as we play, in case we play next round. The goblin was who nearly scored in the final is called "Pancake McNumpty". 

The final line up! With added emergency models takin thier assigned places. Really nice team to play against, great to have two fully painted playing ball on the pitch!

Pro Elf Pansies
Not fully painted, but that didn't stop them destroying all before them! They scored 18 touchdowns in three games!

And very impressively, these 3 were the cornerstone of the attack. 11 completions and 13 touchdowns between the three players (one of the catchers got a completion as well!) meant that the thrower and 2 catchers made this team champions! Plus they had terrific names :)

Mul-Buldohr Brewmiesters 

As featured in a previous post, the drunken dwarves! Thankfully from my perspective I never had to face thier death roller. Love the 3D printed tankards, and especially beer leader in the middle!

And to underline things- here they are kicking the teeth in of my wood elves! For some reason I tried to go toe to toe with them!

Bad Kings of the Old World
Although you've seen them before, here is a shot or two of my team:

A close up of a loyal lineman

Some of the star performers. My catcher scored most of my TDs and this wardancer got +1 armour! (And also didn't die!)

Obviously there were 5 teams, but I didn't get any close up shots of the South Park Rangers - although very nicely painted they were a stand in team and tbh I also forgot!

Project completed!
Whilst I'm a little late to the party, I'm declaring the combined blood bowl bits from January a major achievement of my 2015-2016 list. I completed the team by the 16th, majorly fast painting skills! And we also held the tourney. I only scored 8 touchdowns in 5 games, so that's a bit of a fail, and something I need to work on in the future. 

Having a bye
One of the things that we encountered was that every person had a bye for one game. In such a small tournament it didnt have to great an effect, but I can think of a couple of ways that it might be made more interesting. For example, so that there could be some benefit to having a bye, the coach could pick one of the following four options for his team to complete.

  • "Rest week". In the middle of any busy season, teams always need a chance to rest and recuperate. Sometimes squads arent big enough to allow proper rotation, so you choose to give your team a short break. Effect: This bye allows any "miss next game" effects from the casualty table to be healed during your bye, meaning that players can start your next match.
  • "Press Drive". Every second counts in this league! You and your players go on a press drive, flooding instagoblin, faceelf and all other types of social media/media in an effort to grow your fanbase. This has a positive effect, but you wont know how much until your next game. Effect: At the start of your next league game, you may permanently add some fan factor to your roster. Roll a D3 and add the result to your fan factor.
  • "Intensive Training". Theres no rest for the wicked. You need to use this week to train your team up and work on those special plays. They spend the whole week on the training ground. This has varying positive outcomes, but at least you get more experienced as a unit. Effect: Randomly assign one team member +3 SPP to represent this training.
  • "Gala Dinner". Be it Dragon Steak or Halfling Hotpot, your team has a fund raising dinner in an effort to prop up its ailing bank balance. You invite the local nobles and barons to your home ground for an evening of mixing with their star players in the hope of attracting more funding. Effect: Roll a D3 and add this much to your treasury. If this boosts your treasury enough to make a purchase, you may do so before your next game.
These are just my ideas! Does anybody have any comments or counterpoints? To powerful? To weak? Not needed? 

As ever, thanks for reading :) hopefully later this week, I will be musing further on double trouble lists. I'm going to address what for me is the elephant in the room :) 


  1. Love the rules for the bye games (even though I have no idea what they do) and the photos of the teams.

    Have you thought about doing an article on the basics of Blood Bowl? It would give the ignorant such as myself some idea of what is going on (especially if you plan to continue posting match reports, which are enjoyable, but a bit confusing).

  2. Aha! Yes, that's a good idea. I'm switching away from it for a while now, until we start our league.

    but you're right, that's a really good way to get people into it. I've tried to go for a narrative approach, but without the basics I can see it falls down a bit. If the of game comes up on steam cheap, buy it!