Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 Hobby Resolutions

It's 2016! I wanted to set down some goals for my hobby. I've been really looking forwards to this post, because people keep asking me about what my resolutions for 2016 are and I don't have much to say that isn't related to war gaming. So hopefully this post will be good!

Bolt action 
I received some flak for my dismissive comments about bolt action. So I thought I'd better put it on the to do list for 2016! For my brits Id like to conservatively aim for the following:
  1. Having painted the 20/30 models I have assembled (inc 1 tank)
  2. Assemble the commandoes that I have (should take my army to around 50 men)
  3. Become competent at the game. I've not played very much and I'd like to have a reasonable grasp at it! 
Not much to aim for, but at the moment I've only played 2 games and haven't painted a single model. Part of me is really tempted to paint them all wrong. Eg pink and purple, or with American squad markings. My hope would be is that it would be to much for the historical pedants. But I don't know if I could take them being to far off the beaten track!

A lot has changed for 40k in the last 12 months. What can we expect in the next 12?! In all honestly it makes me a bit nervous. Games workshop's approach to 40k at the moment appears to be something of a blender that you put your debit card in. And can only pick out whilst the aforementioned kitchen applicance is on. Heaven forbid you ask to adjust the speed (ruleset) or to mix it yourself (trying to balance the game). 

With that badly mangled metaphor in mind, here is what I'd like to achieve in 2016 for my 40k:
  1. Attend at least two 40k tournaments (should be easy with fluffagedon and double trouble). 
  2. Sell my space wolves. An odd goal, but with the vague prospect of games workshop blowing up 40k in the same way that they did with fantasy, I don't need 4 full sized 40k armies. 
  3. Paint some stuff (see below). 

Yes, X-wing. Pew pew pew. I've really fallen in love with X-wing over the last 12 months. It flirts with being my primary hobby system, which is something I never thought would happen. How nieve of me! Here are my X-wing goals for 2016:
  1. Attend at least 3 weekend warlord events this year. 
  2. Attend 1-2 store championships. How refreshing that the games developer supports structured tournament play!
  3. Start an imperial fleet. Dangerous, (especially for my wallet!) I know. But I think I'd quite like an imperial fleet. I'm thinking triple ace or tie swarm. I'm sure I'll be terrible at flying it!
  4. Run a version of the outryder cup between Leicester sabres, weekend warlords and somebody else. It's basically a team event where you pair against other stores/clubs. (More on this in another post)
It's going well! 10 so far. I'd like to get to 50 vlogs this year, and 200 blog posts. That's about 2 posts a week of some nature - I'll be signposting the vlogs on here so in terms of content it's not to daunting. Hopefully more painting, more tourney reports, and maybe branching out to the other areas of my life occasionally as well! 

Everything else

I've got a blood bowl tournament on my birthday weekend that I'm really looking forwards to. But to compete, I still have 9-10 men to paint. Better get a move on with that then! I don't know how good I'm gonna do, but being wood elves I'm aiming for 16 touchdowns over 8 games. And being wood elves, not end up with my whole team dead!

So, instead of listing the stuff in each of their areas I thought I'd do a list here:
  1. Paint my whirlwind
  2. Complete a second thunderfire cannon & techmarine
  3. Paint more bikes for 40k, so that I have enough to field 10 bikes plus a captain/ librarian. 
  4. Paint my bolt action stuff
  5. Paint IG-88s for X-wing (a specific goal within number 9)
  6. Paint my old models that I've found
  7. Paint my blood bowl team. (Needed by the 16th of January!)
  8. Paint commissar yarrick
  9. Get up to date with the Horus heresy stories. (Possibly a laughable goal, we'll see!)
  10. Have all my small and large base ships painted for X-wing by the end of the year
So, that's all in all a good collection of things to aim for! 


  1. Once you go Imperial you will never go back :-) Good luck with all of your projects this year! I share your resolution to be competent in 7th Ed. 40k gaming this year. I have let it slide for too long and I hate feeling out of the loop.

    1. I do have a fear that once I go to the dark side that may be it! Especially for my wallet! It's difficult to keep up with 40k at the moment, I barely even know what's come out recently. If you don't know your enemy, then how do you know how to beat them!

  2. If the bolt action painting seems too daunting, change your painting style. I find my subconscious won't let me speed-paint 40K, too much detail. A new game system though has no set rules of quality. My French got a spray of beige, metal, face and a spot colour then drybrush the whole thing in pale grey followed by brown wash. Won't win any competitions with them but they are fine to game with.

    1. yeah, not a bad idea I suppose. If they're painted I would be more inclined to use them I think. maybe that's what I'll do at Easter whilst everybody else is prepping for nationals!

  3. In 24ish years of I've never enjoyed painting any infantry anywhere near as much as I've enjoyed painting my Bolt Action Brits.

    Plus, y'know, it's just a BRILLIANT game mechanic...!