Monday, 11 January 2016

Blood Blood: The Juggernaut Shield

Dear readers! Please join me on a trip down memory lane, to a time when games workshop made the best miniature games in the world. To a time when there were cool, characterful comments in the rule books, and to when fanatic existed (shout out if you remember that!) To the time of Blood Bowl.

On the coming weekend we have a Blood Bowl round robin tournament. Potentially 8 games of what the real fantasy football is.

In preparation for this, I turned my parents house upside down lookin for my original wood elves team. And I found them. So I thought I'd do a quick painting update to let you know where I've got to. 

This is what they looked like when I got them home. Some classic painting from 2000-2005 in this box. As you can see, the team was halfway through a repaint anyways, with the yellow ones slowly replacing the purple and blue colour scheme. 

Alas, as much as nostalgia filled my being when looking at these models, we'd agreed to push ourselves with the painting a bit. This is because following BWX we noticed that whilst we took 3 spaces in the top 10, we weren't competing as hard as in the painting side of the hobby. It's something we want to sharpen ourselves up on this year.  

So without further ado, here are some sharper Wood Elves.

First off, one of my war dancers. He's featured before but is now complete. Really pleased with the fact he's only got one foot on the ground, it gives him a real sense of movement. 

A Catcher - with fancy painted line on the base

Some linemen. These guys are the mainstay workhorses of any team, but costing 70,000 each this even more so for Wood Elves. 

I'm pleased with how all of these have turned out. They are better painted than my most recent howling griffons, but I do feel like because the colour scheme is simpler that they've taken less effort. The bases in particular are something I'm really pleased with. They look like boggy, churned up Rugby (for my non British readers that's American football without any padding or helmets) pitches. Exactly the look I was going for. 

So this is a 5 done, 8 to go in 5 days post. I'd better get back to it! 


  1. I remember Fanatic! Even bought a couple of issues.

    Blood Bowl is one of those games I never got a chance to play. Might have to fix that when they re-launch it.

    1. or even before! 6 tournaments every weekend around the world, lots of leagues too! is the place to be :)

  2. You totally should! I can't quite decide if should buy the new one, but I imagine they'll figure out a way to make me buy it!

    When I went into the blood bowl box I found a copy of their old magazine! Made me miss fanatic quite a bit!

  3. nice elves! Where is the tournament?

    1. Thanks :) its just a little one at our club, in Leicester in the UK. one of the guys has 3d printed a trophy - im gonna post a picture of it by the end of the week (hopefully with a full team!)

  4. Ah... Fanatic. Good times. Mind you I remember when it was called the Citadel Journal before they dummed it down for you youngsters! Looking forward to our BB weekend. My orcs were enthusiastically painted by a mixture of 15-year-old-me and 17-year-old-me. Old me is now liberally applying Argrax Earthshade to cover a multitude of sins!

    Now to remember those orc tactics... punch elf...punch elf...kick elf...trip elf...foul elf...if no more elf wander into end zone with inflated pigs bladder.

  5. Yes, that's a pretty accurate description of our game from last week! Hopefully I won't get to smashed up this weekend!