Saturday, 16 January 2016

Blood Bowl: The Juggernaut Shield prep post

Hello one and all! 

I thought I'd share some photos of my fully painted woodelf team. I've now got 12 models painted! I managed to complete them all before we started this morning, including rather hasty numbering of the team. We were a bit late in starting, but things are underway!

Here's the second war dancer. A limited colour palette, but I don't mind that. There are a couple of different colours of gold on this guy, the old shining gold and the new gold layer paint. I'm also really happy with the belt, it goes all the way round and I've tried to blend the gems, so that they are white to blue. 

This is my thrower. I've done something potentially a little risky - I haven't started with a thrower. He is my first purchase if I can't get a lineman with pass. Doing his allows me to have two re-rolls to start with, meaning I save net 50k over the course of the league. I think. 

You can see from these first two models that I've changed the way I've been highlighting thier uniforms. I've tried to further go for blending the green. I'm pleased with effect, the softer contrast looks more natural. 

As with these guys here, they are all uniquely modelled as you can see :) 

I've tried to keep the colour palette of the hair reasonably close to normal, so that they look more natural and realistic. I like the end result. 

I'm really pleased with the end result! Team completed!


  1. Having played against them they do look great. Easily the best painted in the tournament. One of the best I've seen in 20 years of BB too! Only thing that would make them look more accurate would be a bit of the effects-range of bllod gore paint. On their faces. And elbows. And kneecaps. Or is that too many spoilers for your next post?

  2. haha.thanks ian :) ironically i was thinking about making them look realistic!