Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Blood Bowl painting update

Dear reader. Today's blog forms two parts. The first is a quick painting update, and the second is a tactical question on team building. 

Painting bums

Here are the four lineman I have painted since Sunday evening. As you can see, there is a range of dynamic poses that really give off what it means to be a fast paced passing team. 

What you may be able to notice is that they are painted slightly differently. The two on the right have more extreme highlights on them, and consequently extra washes to thin it down. The two on the left (your left, not theirs) have slightly more muted highlights, and therefore only one coat of liquid skill. 

As you can see from this bum photograph, the two on the right (your right) have slightly more extremely highlighted glutes. The left sided models have slightly more muted cheeks and muscles. 

In a larger army this wouldn't be a problem, but when it's 11-14 (optomistically, I mean I am a wood elf player!) players im nervous that it might show up a bit more. Hopefully in the hustle and bustle of professional sports it won't be noticed, and can be put down to the washing powder. Ironically, the next two models are a different form of highlighting again!

Building a team roster 
Having partially read the version of the competiton rules we are playing (catchy named "Blood bowl competiton rules") it seems that fan factor has both less and more impact that before. Now you add your FAME to many of the dice rolls, (including the gate, some of the kick of results) which you only get if you have more fans basically. So if you don't have enough fan factor it's worthless, but there doesn't appear to be much benefit to spending say, 50,000 on it, like there was before. I am missing something? What do people think?


  1. This post warms my heart. You had me at highlighted glutes :-)

  2. Glad it had such an impression on you :)