Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Technically Speaking

So, me and Stranded Ninja went down to GW Leicester today, and played a couple of games. I get to describe the second game. It seems, (as illustrated by homer Simpson here) that technicalities are sometimes “for the win”

I took my standard Space wolf list:

Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf with Saga of the Warrior Born, Frost Blade, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Wolftooth Necklace
Wolf Scouts (6) Meltagun, Meltabombs
Wolf Guard Pack: 1 with Cyclone Missile Launcher, 3 With Combi Melta + Power Fist
Grey Hunter Pack (9) Meltagun, Power Sword, Mark Of The Wulfen Rhino with Extra Armour
Grey Hunter Pack (9) Meltagun, Power Sword, Mark Of The Wulfen Rhino with Extra Armour
Grey Hunter Pack (6) Plasma Gun, Lasscannon Razorback
Thunderwolf Pack (2) Storm Shield, Thunderhammer
Long Fangs (6) 5 Missile Launchers

He took Astrorath, Three 5 Man Death Company, 3 Death Company Dreadnoughts and 3 Storm Ravens.

We ended up playing Seize Ground with 3 objectives and a Dawn of War deployment. I let him go first, because I realised, and so did he that he would effectively not be able to put a full unit of anything on the board, and I didn’t want to waste a turn hanging around for him. So he reserved everything and then I came on and castled around a ruin on my side. He Dropped in with two Storm Ravens, immobilising one as it landed in dangerous terrain. This was in fact, pretty much all the damage that was done to his Storm Ravens.

I soon discovered that Astrorath had Jumped out right in front of me and promptly started to beat me up. In about one whole turn they killed my thunderwolves, wolf lord and a whole squad of grey hunters. This would be the point where I realised that things were going not so awesome for me. (the only hope for my lord was to shove his sword down the missile launcher tube) Essentially, bottom of turn three I had 2 Death Company Dreads, Astrorath and 10 Death company running around my castle, I was totally in rout. Of course, this was an issue. By this time I’d popped my one and only Storm Raven for the day, and walked my scouts in front of another, forgot about them and watched them get jumped by more death company.

I realised that my one and only chance was to get an objective, as being Death Company he couldn’t score. Since I had (cleverly lol) given him first turn that meant that I had second and began to not so subtly rush the remains of my army (about 20 grey hunters across the three squads) away from the very slashey dreadnoughts and towards a far away objective. I was racing Astrorath, and one entire unit gave their life for the other two to reach the objective (they got eaten by the death company)

Bottom of turn five and you have this... my grey hunters on top of a hill staring down around 750 points of screaming angry space vampires. I roll the dice, and its a 1! I win the game on a technicality. I seriously feel like I let defeat slip from my fingers.

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