Friday, 4 March 2011

Sucking Black Blood

The Game - 1.5k Seize Ground/Spearhead
Blood Angels  Vs. Black Templars
So I took on a guy named James at Games Workshop Leicester today using what now seems to be my standard Blood Angels List;
HQ : Mephiston
Troops: 2 x Tactical Squads w/Missile Launcher & Flamer
              Razorback w/Lascannon & Twin-linked Plasma Gun
              5 man Death Company Squad w/Power Weapon & Thunder Hammer
              Death Company Dreadnought w/Blood Talons & Magna Grapple
Elite: Furioso Dreadnought w/Blood Talons
Heavy: 3 x Stormravens w/Twin-linked Lascannons & Twin-linked Multi-Melta
On to the game......
I deployed first and set up as close to the centre as possible. Our objectives were spread evenly over the battlefield, myself holding one and James guarding another whilst the rest of his army cowered on the opposite hill.
In the first turn Mephiston and the Death Company Dreadnought flew over in a Stormraven and disembarked next to the unit of Templars, the other Stormraven went flat out over to the rest of the Templar army but lost its Lascannons.
Mephiston and the Dreadnought wiped out the Templar Squad and retreated away from an encroaching Landraider. 

James then unleashed the Assault Terminators from the Landraider and proceeded to wreck the Death Company Dreadnought.

During the second turn, a Stormraven wrecked the Landraider and whittled the Terminator Squad down. Mephiston took on the remaining Terminators, only loosing 1 wound.

At turn three, the Stormraven that had lost it's Lascannon unloaded the Furioso Dreadnought and sent it into the other Templar Tactical Squad.
Mephiston continued his attack on the Terminators but lost 2 more wounds.
(The Cold One was used as an objective - NOT local wildlife!)

The Furioso bounded into The Emperor's Champion and struck a wound but lost one of its Blood Talons.
At that point (end of turn 3!) James called it a game as he only had 2 Tactical Marines left! I had only lost a Twin-linked Lascannon, three wounds from Mephiston & had a Dreadnought wrecked!
All-in-all another satisfactory win!    

More soon.........

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