Sunday, 6 March 2011

Black Library Live 2011

So, I went to the Black Library Live 2011 this weekend. I had a really good time, got some killer photos, got Dan Abnett to sign my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and fell asleep during Graham McNeil’s Q&A apparently at the point where he said that the 4th member of the Morningvale was still alive. We also went round the Warhammer World Museum which my friend Lee hadn’t seen, so yeah it was very cool!

I met Dan Abnett and got him to sign Honour Guard, Ghostmaker, Prospero Burns, Harry Potter 4 and a couple of others. I also got my pic taken with him as we can see. The most interesting things were attending the seminars and Q&A. Some of the stuff did end up like a Donald Rumsfeld Tribute band, in fact Dan even quoted him, but here are the interesting tit bits / gossip that you may or may not know.

Dan Abnett Q&A
• Brin Milo is not the Ensign Crusher of the Gaunt’s Ghosts Series... we may see him again. He also kind of implied that we may see Mkvenner again... in a sort of “who knows” way.
• After finishing the Ghosts Story arc, he is hopeful of writing up some pre Ghosts stuff in Gaunt’s life, when he was a cadet with the Hyrkans.
• Lijah Cue was only added in the Honour Guard rewrite after he lost 80% of the novel and had to rewrite the whole novel in a month

General Black Library Gossip
• There is a Legion of The Damned Battles Book in the works, due for spring next year
• HH Book on Caulth due for next spring also – written by Dan Abnett
• There is going to be a Space Marine Battles Book with 4 Short stories in it, linked to the 4 Chapters who are listed in the Space Marine Codex as operating in the containment area around the Eye of Terror
• Gaunt audio dramas hinted at
• M. Darkblade graphic novel omnibus due for print on demand release. It will contain every comic that he has ever been in, including the one where he has a dream of being flying around on a jet bike in 40k
• There will be at some point a Space Marine Battles Book on Mcragge and the Tyranid on Marine Action that occurs there.
• Bill King has in fact already submitted the 1st draft of all three Tyrion and Teclis books! Due for release at Games day next year.
• The plot for the audio drama surrounding Eisenhorn is called the Keeler something or other. Those of you with excellent memories will remember where we have heard of Keeler before? She was a remembrance on the vengeful spirit and basically a picture of Horus turns up at some black market auction, and Eisenhorn goes in with Bequin to sort it out. Due out for Christmas.
• There is going to be a HH Primarchs Novelette containing short Stories on 4 Primarchs due for early next year
1. G McNeil – Fulgrim
2. N Hien – Ferrus Mannus
3. G Thorpe – The Lion
4. R Sanders – The Alpha Legion Primarch(s)

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