Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Grey is the new black!

Well, the Grey Knights are up for advance order. That's here

And after the "ooo's" & "aaah's", I'm quite disappointed at the Marines and Terminators, I kind of expected a new direction "a la" Dark Eldar. Draigo's shield is nice (tempting me to do a Grey Knight Imperial Fist army!) but the rest of the model is pretty standard.

The only things that have really caught my attention are the Nemesis Dreadknight and the Codex!

The Dreadknight:

The pictures on GW's website show the same stance but with the different arm options. With the variation of poses that can be made with the Defiler, that was surprising. Watch this space though, as when one gets into my grubby mits, the pose will be a lot more dynamic!!

The Codex:

Nothing new here if you've been reading the rumours/leaked copy but obviously the official book may change what we think we know.

I just want to see how the Stormravens are affected!

On a lighter note, have you ever noticed that most of Games Workshop's "Beaky" Marines only look to the left?? More on that soon..........

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