Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Space Sharks are coming!

Okay, so when I was playing against Lightning Slayer last Wednesday, the subject of the Charcharodons came up along with the fact that they were originally named Space Sharks. Now, I looked online and found that this has been a heated discussion since Forge World announced them in 2010 so I won't go too far into it. Only to say that I prefer the name Space Sharks!

Anyhow, the other week I got my hands on 30 RTB01 Rogue Trader Marines. The heads and the bases were glued and that was it.  I put 10 of them together but after that, I was at a loss as to what I would do with them. So I put them with a handful of other "Beaky" Marines and some old Scouts that were knocking about.

Now, after the topic of the Space Sharks' new name, I decided to use the old Marines to start a Space Shark army.

On Friday I took them to my local Games Workshop and sprayed them. I also got a game in against James (see Fridays post).

At 10am on Saturday I started painting and by 10pm I had finished them to an acceptable standard. All that is now left for me to do is paint a few extra details.

That's 22 Marines & 5 Scouts!
As per the scoring system in the side bar - I have just scored 81 points in a single day!!

More soon......


  1. have you seen the space sharks terminator charecter on forge world

  2. Lightning already has him for me!

  3. I'm not I wanna give you him, you're making me look bad

  4. Looking good! Great start to an army.