Thursday, 19 November 2015

X-wing league review

Just a quick one today. Ian and I have been learning people from our club (Leicester sabres) to play X-wing for the last 2 weeks. Since BWX I'm keeping my hobby passion going with X-wing and the idea is hat we use these four weeks to teach other club members how to play X-wing. 

Last week we had four people, and they got to play two games each, with Andrew ending up 2-0, Jonathan 1-1, Tim 0-2 and somebody else (Mike I think!?) going 1-1. This week we gave them prebuilt 100point lists, that were hopefully balanced against each other. 

Tim played Andrew, whilst we had a new participant called robin. Over the course of the evening he battered Ian's fleet into oblivion. On the other map, Andrew and Tim had picked quite different lists:

-Green squadron a-wing, with Ptl and wired(title)
-naked bandit z95
-warden k-wing, with lasssult missiles, plasma torpedoes and extra munitions
-Jake Farrell with outmanoeuvre, swarm tactics, (title), proton rockets

-ps4 interceptor with adrenaline rush
-ps7 interceptor (tur fenur?) with adrenaline rush
- two ps4 tie bombers, each with plasma torps, seismic charges and extra munitions.

So two fairly balanced lists, that begin to show of the possible combos and mechanics of the game. 

They played for 75 mins- at 60 mins it was on a knife edge so we let it roll. As time was called going into the last round, Tim was ahead by 3 points. Then he swooped his bomber right exactly where it needed to be to down the k-wing (who had 1 hull left!) however Andrew had other ideas, sending Jake in close to blow the bomber apart. That left Tim massively behind, with one shot left. Ps7 interceptor trying to down the k-wing at range three. Could he do it and seal the win? YES! Moments later he shot the k-wing out of the sky, and sealed a 7 point win 58-51. 

A thrilling game. Next Wednesday we are having an epic sized 300 points a side game, with both the raider and the rebel corvette. We are hopefully having supporting wings of bombers and fighters. Lots of different players in each side, I might even work out some objectives for each side beyond just "kill each other." Tune in next week to find out how it went!

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  1. Victory for the Empire! On both tables! I lost with the scum on purpose. Honest.