Monday, 30 November 2015

Darksun Life vol. 8 : The Lost Fleet Review

Good Evening.
Action shot!

This Monday, please enjoy my review of the Lost Fleet Series. Should you be particularly interested, please comment and i'll send you one of them!


  1. Nice six-dimentional review! Given that my job is basically spotting spelling mistakes I think I'll pass.

    Two filming tips I picked up on a training course once. If you pause when speaking as you lose your train of thought, count to four before restarting. Gives some dead time for easier editing. Also if you reposition the camera between pauses it looks like a deliberate angle switch, very professional. Avoid the extreme close up though!

  2. Thanks Ian! Yeah, I have a tripod now so I can steady the cam up. My
    Main problem is that i punctuate using the word "um"

  3. Those are really cool books. Some of the best space battles I've ever read. I need to check and see if he's come out with any more since I last read one.

  4. I agree, excellent space battles :) there is a whole bunch now, the follow up series to the lost fleet and also one from the syndicate world's perspective. all really good.

    one thing I would recommend is also trying the "Commander Stark" books. same pacey style, and a little bit American revolution meets halo universe on the moon. a good read also :)