Sunday, 8 November 2015

Vlog 5: Blog wars X tournament report

So! Here is my vlog of our experiences at the north west gaming centre on Saturday. 10 of use went from Leicester sabres to Blog Wars X, a tournament run by Alex at From the Fang

He's just put the standings up, and I came 11th. Annoyingly, just outside the top 10, but I had a really great three great games, and came 2nd in one of the painting competitions. So a pretty good day! It was the last blog wars, meaning that of the 18 games I played at blog wars, I only lost the first one at blog wars 3. Since then, I've not lost! Winning 14 and drawing 3. Click today's video to find out how I did this time :)

Ill follow up with a couple of unit reviews this week - for now enjoy the video!


  1. Congrats on eleventh. I had my lowest placing ever this time. In fact I think I have got steadily worse with each blog wars. Stupid bike armies. Time for a good list.

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  3. Thanks! Yeah overall I think in quite please my with 11th. Especially because of my rearguard action that gave me a draw against Dan :)