Saturday, 15 January 2011

Long time no speak

So, haven’t posted on here in a long time. Last time I posted on here I was working on salamanders. I think I will aim to update on average once a week, as I don’t get a great deal of time at the moment to hobby it up. In the past 2 years or whatever it’s been I’ve been married and divorced, and for the moment that can be my excuse for not posting lol. I have also been to the fantasy GT at Warhammer world, that went ok (I ended up 1 win out of 5) my high elf army being one of around 20 there. I have revelled in the release of the space wolf codex (old news I know, but I’ve been waiting for about 10 years) and am currently painting my thunderwolves.

My intent is to go to the autumn GT at Warhammer world for 40k this year, and I can’t decide what army I should take. My current thoughts having read first heretic are to wait till grey knights come out, and do a custodian army. We’re trying to stick to GW models. I want to make sure my whole army is painted to the best of my ability, so that’s why I’m starting from scratch. Also, I don’t want to take Vulkan. I want something with real feel to it!

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