Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Traveling the Road

Well hello,

StrandedNinja here with his first post!

So, after our not so great but acceptable appearance at the Autumn Throne of Skulls Tournament (2010), it was obvious that we had had an awesome time and wanted more.....

......And so to now.

The decision to go to the 40k ToS was made fairly early and I began to think of the army I should take.

At first I thought of the obvious, Space Marines(They were my first love and will always hold a grip when I see them). Then came the choice of which Marine list, did I take the standard missile spam, or try for a different tactic?
That led me to Blood Angels and the possibility of a huge close combat Dreadnought army. Then Space Wolves for their Thunderwolves..... You can see where this was going.

I then began to think of themes but I will explain my choices in my next post.......

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