Sunday, 1 May 2016

Milton Keynes regionals today!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys! Please forgive my sins on that count. I've been practicing hard for the biggest X-wing event i have ever been too. If I've timed this right, it should come out on Sunday afternoon, whilst I'm flying toy spaceships and making pew pew noises. 
I've spent the last couple of weeks practicing hard for this event. I'd really like to finish top half, maybe even top 32 at a push. My stretch goal would be to make the cut, and then get some dice. Obviously my aim is to win the whole thing, but there are around 127 other people there and I'm sure at least one of them might have something to say about all of these things!
I've decided to go with jumpmasters, although as I write this on Friday I can't decide between 2.5 fully loaded jumpmasters, or 2 fully loaded ones with a Bumpmaster and feedback arrays. It's a tight call, I've not had any practice with the Bumpmaster list but I think it's a better counter to imperial aces, and I think they'll be a lot of them. It also has adaptability ensuring my ps2 bump, and putting the R4 agromech on both other the ships with torpedoes. 

I think, on reflection I probably prefer the extra set of torpedoes. They're just too good. So I think that's what I'll roll with! Hopefully they'll be a vlog soon after with the results! Wish me luck!