Monday, 23 May 2016

How to: Magnetize X-wing bases

Dear readers! This is what I've been working on for the last few days. A suprise project that makes my ships look great! Magnetised flying bases. This one in particular is for large base ships. I'm still working on the small base ships, that'll follow in the future. I can't take any credit for the idea, I pretty much got step by step instructions from a good friend (George), even to the point of checking I was buying the right things on Amazon! Here is a suitably dynamic pose of the two jumpmasters I've done so far!
Whilst I've been doing a lot of Vlogging recently, I wanted to go a bit old fashioned with this and write a blog instead! Plus, it was so quick I didn't have time to think about recording it! So I've got a few steps written down here for you to follow. 

To complete this hobby adventure you will need the following:
Step 1 - the prep work
Select the length of tube you want, and cut to size. I wouldn't go above 6 inches if I were you (but that's for another time). File off the ends to make sure they are smooth. Then using your hobby clippers cut away the two smaller squarish bits on the large ship base. If you're unsure which bits I mean, look at the shape of the peg hole relative to the bits I've cut off. In the end, I didn't take the peg triangle out btw. 
Once you're happy that both these bits are smooth, get some green stuff and fill the holes in the flying base. 

Step 2: the flying stand
In addition to filling in the holes with green stuff,  I added enough that when I put the tube in the green stuff supports it on either side. So about level with the remaining raised circular bits. 
Using the tube, gently create a groove for it to sit into the green stuff. Then remove the tube, add a decent amount of superglue and re-apply the tube. This step is really important, make sure that the tube is at the correct angle (dead straight). Once you've done this leave it to one side an let it dry. 

Step 3: the ship
Get whichever large base ship you are using and  either remove the peg insert by pulling it out, or clipping it off. Either way, in the same spot where you just removed the peg, make sure you've got a nice flat surface corresponding to the approximate size of the countersunk magnet. It's important that it's in the same spot as the old peg insert because that's where the ship is designed to balance from. (Note: I think the ghost may be different due to its size, you may need to mess around with where you put the magnet).

When you're happy with the place where you are going to put the magnet, superglue it in place. You may need a tiny bit of greenstuff to give it a good surface to bond onto, but use that sparingly. 

Step 4: spray paint and ball bearings
Whilst the superglue for the magnet is drying, take a can of black spray paint and spray the base that you've made. Once the spray paint is dry, spray some varnish ontop of it to make sure that the paint doesn't chip off. 
When this is dry, get your ball bearings and superglue them to the top of the tube. With that, you're done! The really handy thing is hat you'll only need to make a handful of bases for standard play. More will be required for epic play or flying swarms of ships of course. I'll leave you with a couple of shots of the jumpmasters flying at fancy angles!



  1. That is soooo cool! The Ghost has some funny supports to keep it balanced, so you would probably have to fiddle a bit to get the magnet in the right place. Bravo!

    1. Thanks man :) yeah I love the way it looks, it makes me way to happy!